How to top-up with Razer Gold in Mobile Legends

Guild of Guardians
The universal virtual currency for gamers is called Razer Gold. Use Razer Gold to purchase games and in-game items to get the most value possible, including being rewarded with Razer Silver and receiving access to exclusive game offers.


Razer Gold may be used to make purchases in more than 42,000 games and entertainment products. Reloading your Razer Gold account is the first step. You may do this online or at any of our 5.6 million channel touch points worldwide. Razer Silver, the only loyalty rewards program for gamers, is earned with every purchase made in Razer Gold.

How to use Razer Gold in Mobile Legends
  1. Using Razer Gold in Mobile Legends to purchase diamonds is an easy process with their step-by-step procedure;
  2. Head to the official website of Razer Gold. Take note that the website may vary according to each country.
  3. Search for Mobile Legends from the list or by using the Search Bar
  4. Provide your User and Zone ID which can be found in your Mobile Legends profile.
  5. Input your E-mail address in order to receive your purchase receipt.
  6. Select the number of diamonds you want to purchase.
  7. Select your payment options from the list provided on the website. Take note that prices may vary depending on the region and the payment option selected.

Your Razer Gold wallet balance does not expire. However, Bonus Razer Gold obtained from promotions and contests will expire within 30 days from date of issue. You may check your expiring balances in your Account Summary.

Whenever you purchase content from our partners, your bonus Razer Gold will always be utilized first. According to Razer Gold, there are over 34,000 games and entertainment content that can be bought with Razer Gold.