How to trade characters in the NFT system of NIGHT CROWS

In the P&E game NIGHT CROWS, characters with their gear and skills are valuable assets that users possess, with each character containing an extensive amount of information. Since the game also features a blockchain economy, it has NIGHT CROWS NFT that makes each character be created with the character abstraction technology that compresses its vast character data into easy identifiable properties that users can put up in the game’s marketplace.

night crows.png

As NIGHT CROWS supports the minting of characters into NFTs for the conversion of characters into assets, users can mint their characters through the NFT game menu to connect these in-game characters to the blockchain economy of the game. However, there are requirements that users must meet before they can mint, which are:
  • At level 50 or above
  • At 2nd Advancement or above
  • Have 8,000 Diamonds for minting fee
For those who don’t know what is minting, it refers to the recording of a Character NFT on the blockchain. It can only be done once for each character. Also, to play or trade the character, it must first go through the sealing and unsealing processes.

night crows nft.png

To trade a Character NFT, users must make it go through the process of sealing, which makes it unplayable and its information unchangeable. It will then remove the character from the lobby's character select screen. But if the user wants to use the character instead of trading it, just unseal it by using the Import NFT. This process also takes place in the in-game NFT menu.

night crows nft1.png

Note, NIGHT CROWS' Character NFTs can only be traded through the marketplace called WEMIX PLAY and the CROW tokens must be the only currency used for it to be traded.

night crows nft2.png

Now, to use the Character NFT acquired through the marketplace to be played in-game, it must go through the unsealing process. Use the Import NFT feature that can be found in the character select screen. There will be no additional cost to do it, but users must note that an unsealed Character NFT cannot be sealed again for 5 days.

In addition to that, the users must also know which server that the Character NFT was created as they can only be unsealed in the server they were created in. Since that is the case, users must make sure the Character NFT they traded is in the same server they want to play in.