How to Train Your Dragon: The Journey is finally revealed for mobile devices

Tomorrowland has announced its partnership with Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation to bring another How to Train Your Dragon-based game to life. The upcoming game is titled How to Train Your Dragon: The Journey where players will experience how to be a dragon rider raising its own dragon on their mobile devices.

how to train your dragon journey.png

“I am very pleased to partner with Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation to bring you "How to Train Your Dragon: The Journey". I believe that many players, like us, have been exposed to the animated film series "How to Train Your Dragon" produced by DreamWorks Animation in theaters or on TV screens, and some hard-core fans have even read the original novel. As long as you have ever entered this vast and fantasy Viking world, you will definitely be attracted by the brave and lovely Berk Island warriors and the unique dragons. This time we have the opportunity to continue this Viking legend of man and dragon dancing in the game through our hands. We feel extremely honored and proud, but we also shoulder heavy pressure and responsibility,” said by the developers.

how to train your dragon journey1.png

Here’s the game introduction of How to Train Your Dragon: The Journey:

"How to Train Your Dragon: The Journey" is a dragon-raising simulation mobile game independently developed and published by Tomorrowland, authorized by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. The story takes place in the Viking Age. In the game, you will play the role of a dragon rider at the Dragon Training Academy. You will recruit, capture, breed and train unique flying dragon partners, form a powerful dragon training team, and dominate the "Sky Competition" with them. Protect "Bok Island" and become a real "How to Train Your Dragon"!

Currently, the game is under development and imperfections are still present. Despite that, the developers are eager to present the game in its earlier stages as they want to receive feedback from the players since they believe that the improvement of the game lies in the support and participation of players.

how to train your dragon journey2.png

With the opinions and suggestions that they will receive from the players, the developers promise that they will work hard to make the game better and offer their players a beautiful and unforgettable Viking journey.