How to Use Garena Talk


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Nov 4, 2018
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How to Use: Talk!Talk!

Step 1:
Select any Game Mode
Step 2:
Invite Party Members/ Duo Partner / Teammates
Step 3:
Champion Selection (Auto invite to Garena Talk)
  • Auto invite to Garena Talk will immediately appear.
  • Choose "Accept" and Garena Talk will start along with those who accepted the invites.
Garena Talk Settings

1. Invite more friends to Garena Talk.
2. Voice Mode
  • Free : Everyone may talk. Maximum number of concurrent speaker is 5.
  • Queue : Only administrators and the first person in queue may talk.
  • Admin : Only administrators may talk.
3. Indicates that the the person is talking.
4. Adjusts the speaker volume.
5. Adjusts the mic volume.

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