How to win a 5v5 party match


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May 11, 2015
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Hey guys, im sharing some of our strategies on how to win a 5v5 party match!

Let's start with "Picking"
  • You should have At least 1 of your teammates know how to counter pick or who to counter.
  • The counter pick can be the last one to pick.
  • Pick your combos, if you have a great combination of skills you can dominate your lanes or the game.
  • Find out what your role in the game, if you're playing as a support hero, play as a support.

Team composition:
  • Carry
  • Midlane
  • Support/utility
  • Setter
  • Hitter

Don't go with 3 carries its a bad idea.

EARLY GAME: If you can't kill, don't die!

Secure the kills but don't be too greedy, if the enemy got away, let him be.

Mid lane should be the first tower to take down so that the enemy will lose their focus on farming in their lanes,if they dont, take down the second tower.

Don't push bot or top lanes too early, so that your creeps won't advance and you could farm, wards/dewards then gank more. Its advisable to gank the enemy when they're alone or outnumbered.

Kill then go back, look for the lanes which is easiest to push then push it or take down roshan while they're busy defending their base.

If you're loosing, dont give up. Plant defensive wards and dewards then let your carry farm, build effective items, have faith and patience.

Anything can happen, stay on the lanes that they didnt pushed yet. But be careful. If you can't defeat them in clash, kill them one by one.

Then push as much as you not buy back if its not necessary.

If you cant win the clash, avoid it or just push instead! Dont go alone, be with your team mates all the time.

Reserve more gold for buy back, then stay calm, dont rush things, if youre about to win look for the chance and push, if you can end the game without having mega creeps, end it! If youre about to lose, dont give up, have patience wait for the "turning point" it doesn't matter if one of your lane has been pushed its not the end, def inside, always def on the high grounds, wait for your enemy to come in, if your enemy has invi, place defensive blue wards, so you can see them before they attack.

I assure you, a comeback is fcking real! Don't rush, don't give up. Keep fighting! If you can't defeat them in clash, kill them one by one. Or if you win the clash, look for the lane which is easiest to push. Then end the game, always bring TP to avoid being ratted.

These are some of our strategies to win the game. Work as a team! Always cheer for your team mates,it can boost their confidence.

It doesnt matter if you lose, atleast learn something from your last game. Play smart not hard!

Respect! I hope you learned something new, see you in game!