How to win Dota 2 Arcanas and CS:GO knives -- eSports Betting for Beginners

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Mar 15, 2020
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Do you want to win luxurious in-game skins? Are you satiated with your old skin collections and want more expensive ones? Introducing, Esports betting.

Esports betting is an industry that has been booming for a while now. Basically, you use your in-game cosmetics to bet in an event. If you're bet is right, then the value of the item is multiplied by the odds of that said event. DOTA2 and CS:GO professional games and tournaments are the ones supported by many different sites, well because of their viewers. Since eSports betting became legal in the Philippines since 2012, many gamers have been obsessed in betting. This is due to the fact that all you have to do is have a lot of knowledge in the game and be updated in the pro-scene, which many of us are religiously following. The payout from betting is also very promising if one is prepared for the risks.

If you are a beginner and want to explore eSports betting, here are some of the things that you need to know to start:

Where to bet

There are many different sites to bet on that is supported here in the Philippines. Here are is a list of some of my favorite betting site to choose from:

1. is the world's number one eSports service platform. Here you can deposit your old skins and bet it on different games. You can also convert it to Pcoins, which is a currency you use to buy items. The prediction tab of the site offers games from DOTA2, CS:GO and LOL. Most Pinoy bettors use this site because it is user-friendly and has a lot of features other than betting.

2. dota2bestyolo

Similar to vpgame, is also a betting website. If you deposit your skins, it automatically converts to coins, which you can bet on games. It also offers a variety of arcade games and a market to choose the cosmetic you want.

3. bets4

A personal favorite because of its simplistic design and its mode of payout. It only features betting but it compensates to the fact that you can withdraw your winnings and convert it to cold hard cash (Bitcoin, Yandex Money, QIWI, WebMoney, Paypal) aside from steam items.

Which games to bet on

It is very advisable for betting beginners to predict on matches on which they are very knowledgeable. That being said, just bet on big tournaments like in DOTA2 The International and other tournaments awarding DPC points, and CS:GO Majors. This way, you would have a lot of information, from internet and other bettors, and you are making sure that the pros are taking it seriously.

Types of bet

Here are the types of bet you should see in a betting site:

1. Match Winner- the name itself says it. It is betting on the winner of the match.
2. Game Winner- it is betting on a specific game. Ex. game 1 of a bo3
3. Handicap- type of betting on which a team is given an advantage. At the end of the match, the advantage is added to the team and the victory is decided.
4. F10K- betting on which team will get the first ten kills of their opponents of the match.

Live Betting

Live betting is a feature in eSports betting. It's basically the same thing except the odds is shifting throughout the game. This is the one preferred by many because it is very interactive. It also allows the viewers to monitor the progress of the games before betting on them. Gamers can watch live broadcasts from the likes of Kuya Nic , Kuya Jop ( and others.

The Risks

Every reward comes with risks. In this case, losing your precious skins and cosmetics. ESports betting IS gambling. So before diving into this risky adventure, make sure you understand all of it.

The Fun

Personally, I bet in eSports for the thrill. The suspense in every game, a base race, a 9-9 number of kills, a 15-14 round score in Inferno, all of it is very exciting to watch. But, it is SO MUCH better when there is something that you will gain if you choose right. You just have to be smart and prepared. You also have to know when to cut your losses. In all said and done, what important is you enjoy eSports; through playing it, watching it or betting on it. So good luck on your endeavors fellow bettors!
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Dec 7, 2022
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Logan Hoinville
Thanks for the cool tips! :cool:
Dota 2 and CS:GO are definitely games that will always be in my top 5 of all time, so it makes sense that it's important to learn all the gaming trends and try new things that will help improve my gaming experience.
I'm familiar with cyber sports betting in passing, but I've never personally taken part in such things myself, it's even hard to answer why. I guess I just didn't know the process and understand the profitability of such things.
In general, I have heard about such betting resources from friends, I think I'll give it a try for sure. By the way, I am still related to gambling, as lately I really like blackjack, video poker and online casinos.
I can also give you an additional resource that I use when I need to search for gambling games, and, among other things, save time on the search. I am talking about AussieBestCasinos, which provides an overview of the best Australian online casino sites in 2022. There's so much information, reviews of gambling site selection criteria, and analysis from industry analysts, it's useful to have on hand, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.
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