How to win the chicken dinner in PUBG M


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May 12, 2019
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As the battle circle continues to shrink, the enemies that can survive are the best of the elites. And if you want to win the game, you need to do the final preparation for victory. So, what preparations can bring twice the result with half the effort.? let's take a look!

Supply Preparation

A variety of treatments for blood-returning drugs are essential for the finals. With the shrinking of the safe area, the density of enemies per unit area will become higher and higher. Therefore, many friends will frequently encounter various attacks from the enemy, and treatment of blood return will become an indispensable means.

In the treatment of drugs, it is recommended that the buddies carry 2-3 cans of drinks or pills. Their ability to return blood will allow the buddies to automatically improve HP in the fight, thus achieving the goal of winning in the fight. For one-time treatment of drugs, the buddies can choose a bandage with a treatment time of only 3 seconds.

It only needs a short time after hiding in the bunker to complete part of the blood return. Compared with the med case and first aid kit, it is shorter treatment time will allow the buddy to get a higher battlefield survival rate, thus avoiding being killed by the enemy during the treatment period

Gun Preparation

In the finals, the selection of firearms is crucial, and it will make the attack of the buddy more effective. As the safe area continues to shrink, the distance between the buddy and the enemy will become shorter and shorter, and the battle often breaks out in the middle and close distance.

Therefore, the firing rate, shooting stability and shooting accuracy of the firearms will become the key to the selection of the main firearms. You can choose to add a variety of submachine guns with red dot sights, which can help the buddies take advantage of the fight. In order to improve the gun power, the buddy can also be equipped with various assault rifles as a supplement to the power output.

As the battle circle shrinks, the distance between the enemy and ourselves is shortened, the gunshot will also attract more enemies, and the buddy will reduce the enemy's "attention" by matching various silencer accessories.

Vehicle Preparation

In the late period of the game, the speed of the circle shrinkage becomes faster. The buddy who often chooses to walk will increases the time to reach the safe area and increases the risk of being targeted by the enemy in the running.

So, the buddy can choose the vehicle which has certain protection as his high-speed moving tool, even if it is aimed by the enemy, it can't kill the buddy directly in a few shots.

The vehicle also provides an excellent mobile bunker for the buddy, allowing to launch a higher-impact fight at anytime and anywhere. In addition, the vehicle also can carry multiple people at the same time, and it is also easier for the buddy and teammates to reach the safe area at the same time and start a multiple-to-one battle.

Tactical Preparation

If the buddy wants to win in the finals, tactics must be taken. First of all, because the battle is mostly in the middle and close range, the shooting is best to use a small lateral movement mode with better shooting stability to reduce the problem that the movement is too fast and the hit rate is low. Secondly, the buddy should form a fire with the teammates and build a flank attack firepower with a larger angle.

This makes it easier to set up an efficient multi-play tactic, and allows the buddy and teammates to achieve efficient mutual fire cover.

Finally, in the finals, move as little as possible, because the multi-frequency movement is easy to be targeted by the lurking enemy, and finally lose the chance to win.


In order to win the finals, it is necessary to prepare more and collect all necessary equipments in advance in the early stage. In this way, we can win easier in the final battle.