How Trade Tales Revolutionizes Farming Games: 20 Reasons Why It Stands Apart from the Usual Farming Sim Genre

A modern-life farming simulation fused with entrepreneurial adventures. Cultivate your land, Open your own shop, establish your brand, master advertising, and delve into the secrets of the trade. Build your legacy in Trade Tales — a game where you can live out your dream life.

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  1. The only farming game where you can transform your harvested crops into commercial products and sell them in your own shop.
  2. The in-game paint app feature allows players to fully customize the packaging of their products, create their dream company logo, fully customize the shop signage, and create their dream brand.
  3. Save stray animals, earn their trust, and eventually have them join you to live together. Players can have multiple pets in their home.
  4. Acquire multiple plots of land around the city to build businesses, houses, or recreational areas to expand your influence and create your ideal community.
  5. Different mayors have different traits, goals, advantages, and disadvantages affecting the town's rules and economy. You have the power to replace or maintain the city mayor during elections.
  6. Experience modern transportation with bikes, motorcycles, cars, boats, and airplanes.
  7. Your in-game smartphone functions like a real-life phone, allowing you to download apps, games, take photos, share on in-game social media, order items online, and contact friends.
  8. Choose the perfect location for your romantic dates.
  9. All non-player characters (NPCs) are dateable if they're single and adults.
  10. Hire NPCs and make them your employees to help you on your farm and businesses.
  11. Earn money by becoming a content creator in-game, where likes/hearts translate to income.
  12. Invest in stocks through the stock market app. If you're feeling less inclined to work, you can also try your luck at the lottery, casino, and underground gambling.
  13. Print photos captured on your phone and turn them into wall picture frames for decoration. 14. Enjoy the convenience of having a toilet and bathroom in your home.
  14. Experience different random dreams every time you sleep, transporting you to wild locations and experiences.
  15. Navigate through rivalries in love interests and business ventures.
  16. Work part-time in other businesses as a waiter, delivery person, stockman, and more.
  17. Choose to be a "bad guy" by engaging in activities such as robbery, supplying illegal items, vandalizing the town, scamming NPCs, and bullying.
  18. Players can host various events on their properties, including birthday parties, pool parties, gaming nights, BBQ parties, and many more, offering a diverse range of social gatherings and entertainment options.
  19. Experience the full cycle of life as your character can die of old age, with the opportunity for your offspring to continue your legacy as the new controllable player.

Trade Tales: Create your own story

Immerse yourself in a heartwarming journey in "Trade Tales," a unique life sim game that blends the charm of a cozy farming simulation with the excitement of entrepreneurial adventures. Dive into a quest for self-discovery and prosperity in a new, mysterious town after winning a small farm lot in a lottery.

Key Features:

Create Your Legacy:
Shape your destiny by exploring the town's rich culture, making friends, and discovering unique talents. Delve into various skills: farming, fishing, mining, opening a shop, becoming a supplier, working at various jobs, or even becoming a social media influencer! Earn a living and build your dream life just the way you want it to be."

Diverse Businesses and Services: From food carts to jewelry stores, create your brand and explore a plethora of business opportunities. Launch your own ventures, offer services, customize your signage, product packaging and expand your empire to unlock new possibilities.

Innovative Features:

In-Game Smart Phone:
Equip yourself with a virtual smartphone featuring useful apps to guide you through daily life. Install apps like social media, maps, online shopping, games, and a stock market app. Take in-game photos and share them on the in-game social media app, allowing friends to interact by giving likes to your posts and become a social media influencer in your virtual world.

Become a Social Media Influencer:
Break new ground by earning in-game currency based on likes/hearts from social media posts. Gain more followers as you progress, reflecting the real-world concept of social media influence.

Opening Your Own Business:
Diversify your in-game experience by managing various businesses like restaurant, clothing store, bakery, jewelry store, pet shop, convenience store and so much more! Customize your shop's design, furniture, and signage to carve out a unique entrepreneurial journey.

Create Your Own Brand:
Unleash your creativity with a built-in paint feature. Design your brand's logo, product packaging, and promotional materials. Advertise your brand through flyers, social media, and billboards for enhanced visibility.

Acquire Multiple Lands and Properties:
Flexibility is key - purchase and develop multiple lands, transforming them into profitable assets. From building apartments to creating commercial spaces, the choice is yours.

Player-Hosted Events: Create unforgettable moments by hosting events in your space. Throw parties, celebrate birthdays, new relationships, graduations, weddings, and more. Invite NPCs to partake in your joyous occasions and make each event truly memorable.

Stock Market and Investments: Engage in the risky world of stock trading, buying low and selling high, as well as investing in various opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Navigate the challenges of competition with the introduction of rivals. Engage in both business and matters of the heart, testing your strategic acumen and interpersonal skills.

Dream World: Transport to fantastical realms in your dreams, unlocking new experiences and secrets. Explore the surreal landscapes that only your subconscious can create.

Life's Challenges: Face disasters, navigate romantic rivalries, and handle the whims of a greedy mayor. Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test as you manage crises ranging from natural disasters to economic downturns.

Travel and Leisure: After saving up a considerable amount of money, indulge in the opportunity to travel to different distant cities. Explore new places, meet new people, gain knowledge, and discover new business possibilities, adding a dynamic and enriching dimension to your gameplay.

Unique End-Game Rewards: The excitement continues after completing the main story. Make life-altering wishes, choosing your path in the game's dynamic conclusion.

Your Story, Your Way: Whether you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, a devoted family person, a politician, a prank artist, or a pet lover, "Trade Tales" offers a personalized experience. Embrace your unique identity as you shape your character's life.

Plunge into a world where creativity knows no bounds, challenges are opportunities, and the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Dive into a quest to craft your tale, build your brand, and discover the joy of life in "Trade Tales." Your adventure awaits!

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