HoYoverse sues SKYCORE for Copyright Infringement of Genshin Impact Content

HoYoverse sues a company named SKYCORE, which is affiliated with 37 Interactive Entertainment, for claims of copyright infringement over Genshin Impact images that was used in a certain game of the sued company.

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HoYoverse already filed litigation documents against three entities under 37 Interactive Entertainment for using images from Genshin Impact and tampering with it without authorization as reported by the Chinese business data platform Tianyancha.

As per litigation documents filed by HoYoverse, the developer of Genshin Impact sued the subsidiary of 37 Interactive Entertainment, SKYCORE, for infringing its copyright on Genshin Impact images, Knights of the West Wind. It was said that SKYCORE placed ads using those images with its official account on WeChat.

Additionally, HoYoverse filed a case against SKYCORE due to intentionally misleading consumers and creating unfair competition by confusing players with the relationship between Genshin Impact and the defendant’s game, Song of the Castle in the Sky, which is jointly operated by 37 Interactive Entertainment and Jiaqu Network.

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In retaliation to this claim, SKYCORE released their statement by saying that “their behavior did not constitute unfair competition and that HoYoverse has claimed a high amount of compensation.” As for 37 Interactive Entertainment, they stated that they were not aware of the alleged actions and they were not part of joint infringement. Jiaqu Network also said that they were unaware of the ads, therefore, they never gained any benefits.

The court stated that SKYCORE published ads that were significantly similar to HoYoverse’s works and violated the Genshin Impact developer's right to disseminate information online. With that being said, the court ruled that SKYCORE will have to compensate HoYoverse for 30,000 Yuan or $4,439.