HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact SEA Carnival will be hosted in Malaysia this December with a US$10K prize pool

HoYoverse is hosting its first ever Genshin Impact SEA Carnival. This event is an invitational competition that will be participated by selected teams of Travelers from all over Southeast Asia. The accepted participants will compete in various Genshin Impact challenges to win a cut from the US$10,000 prize pool. There will be celebrity guests as well to help players during the event.

genshin impact sea carnival.png

What’s more is that viewers can also take part in the event as Genshin Impact SEA Carnival will be broadcasted live on various streaming platforms. There will be live challenges that viewers can participate in for a chance to receive rewards.

With a total prize pool of US$10,000, champions of the Genshin Impact SEA Carnival will take home most of the money, which is US$4,000. The team that places second will take home US$2,000. While the third and fourth-placed teams will each get US$1,000 along with 1,000 Primogems for each member. For fifth to eighth-placed teams, they will also get their prize money which is US$500 per each team along with 500 Primogems for each member.

Registrations for the Genshin Impact SEA Carnival is still available, with 64 slots open, but it will end on November 24th. Travelers from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, and Laos are welcomed to join as long as they are 18-years old and above.

After the registrations are closed and the teams that will be participating in the event have been confirmed, the Qualifying Round will be held on November 26th to November 27th. While the Finals round will be held on December 17th to December 18th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The qualifying teams should have three members each. They will then go on a Warrior’s Expeditions, where they must complete a set of predetermined tasks that ranges from Domains to open world exploration. The teams must finish these tasks within the limited time range and in order. Add to that, these tasks should be completed as a team.

The challenges that Travelers will be competing in are Domain Challenge and Sprint Challenge. In the Domain Challenge, the teams must complete the Domains in the quickest way possible. There’s a time limit of 1 hour where the team who finishes with the least amount of time used will get the top spot in the ranking.

While in the Sprint Challenge, as what was suggested through its name, this will be a race-type challenge where each team must complete the Domains then sprint to the next location without using waypoints. After reaching the next one, players must take a photo with the landmark seen using the in-game camera. All team members must be visible in the photo.

Also, there will be restrictions that will be placed on teams such as only one 5-star character per team will be allowed during the Domain challenges. Bonus points will be given to each team who will complete the challenges without using any 5-star characters or use characters with stamina reduction talents.