Huawei Cloud Launched a Palworld-Dedicated Server to Address In-Game Issues

Huawei Cloud has launched its dedicated servers for the popular open-world survival game Palworld, aiming to address common server issues. It is expected to resolve the problem and improve the overall gaming experience of millions of players globally.


Palworld has rapidly increased its player count since its release, leading the game to experience server issues as well as sudden frame freezing and disconnections. To resolve these issues, Huawei Cloud established dedicated server options for players, allowing them to set up their servers and play with friends online.

Huawei Cloud simplifies this process with its Elastic Cloud Server (ECS). Using models like the S6 and S7n, the ECS provides on-demand configurations and superior performance.

It will ensure low latency and high bandwidth, effectively reducing frame freezing for over 100 concurrent online players. Furthermore, with over 10 security solutions, Huawei Cloud ensures effective data storage and protection, including host security, anti-DDoS, WAF, and anti-ransomware.

The price of an S6 or S7n ECS can be locked in for just USD 4.99 or USD 10.99 in the CN-Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, and Türkiye regions. For newcomers, you may enjoy substantial discounts in the “Discounts for Newcomers” section on the Huawei Cloud website.

Additionally, Huawei Cloud also provides a tutorial, guiding players through server deployment in just 1 minute to make the entire process more accessible.

The Palworld-dedicated servers by Huawei Cloud promise efficient solutions to server issues in the game while providing a seamless gaming experience and ensuring the security of the players.