Humans Vs Zombie Mutants - Heroes War: Counterattack Global Pre-Registration Begins Android 

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Com2Us is known for creating popular "build-your-team" type of games sprinkled with Gacha on top. If you combine two of their games, Summoner's War and the infamous Soccer Spirits, this game might be the result of it. So, let me introduce to you another Com2Us' newest game, Heroes War: Counterattack!

Heroes War Counterattack a.png

The poster looks great already and just like what it says, the game is in its pre-registration stage. You already know what that means - pre-registration rewards! But before we look further into the game, might as well enjoy the game's Cinematic trailer first:

Now, let's dive into the details of the game. As of right now, there's at least 5 clear gameplay that you can watch on Youtube if you try searching for it. And that's how I got my conclusive statement in the introduction.

The gameplay is similar to Summoner's War with the beauty of Soccer Spirits' animation. The character designs look good and are enough to encourage players to take their chances in the possible gacha system within the game.

Heroes War Counterattack b.png

Heroes War Counterattack c.png

Looking at the game's preview and images, it's easy to assume that the game will have a good and stable amount of players. Original Com2Us players will surely this game too. But, of course, the main reason why players would want to try the game is to try their beginner's luck using the pre-registration rewards.

Heroes War Counterattack d.jpg

This is the actual pre-registration rewards for both Android and iOS users. But, it doesn't end there. There's an exclusive giveaway when you follow their page on Facebook which I'll provide in the end. And based on the next image, it seems that the "exclusive giveaway" might be worth more than the pre-registration rewards!

Heroes War Counterattack e.jpg

I just hope that Heroes War: Counterattack lives up to the expectations given by the promotional videos and images. Speaking of videos and images, I'm giving the credits of the contents of my writing to Com2Us and their team. We're looking forward to your new game. As for the pre-registration event and their Facebook page for the exclusive giveaway, you can go ahead and check the links below:
Are you also a fan of any Com2Us games? Come and join the Heroes War: Counterattack in Google Android.