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When it is asked which is the best tank against a Mage, Hylos is the commonly one who comes in mind of most players. The reason is Mages deals Burst Damage. In order to absorb Burst Damage, you need a High HP. Hylos, before Belerick, has the highest HP potential in Late Game because of his Passive along with Mana Items.


- High HP
- Burst Damage Potential in Late Game even if equipped only with Clock of Destiny
- High Tower Diving Capacity
- Has A CC Skill


- Weak to High DPS opponents
- Player is required to learn the mechanics of tower dive and when to recall
- Prioritizes Mana and HP Items rather than Armor or Magic Resistance.

~~~Skills Analysis

Passive: Thickened Blood
Every 1 points of mana received from equipment and emblems, will also give Hylos 1.5 points of health. When mana is not enough, health can be used to cast skills instead.

This passive helps Hylos in converting 150% of his max mana into health points. So building up mana items with health points will increase Hylos tankyness.

Skill 1: Law and Order: Cooldown 12 seconds and 80 mana cost.

Stores nature’s energy to lock down the target and deals 300/350/400/450/500/550 points of Magical Damage and stuns for 1s.

This skill deals a good significant amount of damage and it stuns. A good way to protect your teammate in case they have been surprised and attacked by an assassin such as Saber, Fanny or Hayabusa (these heroes have high mobility). As well it is a good skill to interrupt enemies ultimates. Examples are Pharsa and Odette's Ultimate Skill.

Skill 2: Ring of Punishment: Cooldown 1 second and 30 mana cost.

Releases the power of the centaurs to summon a Ring of Punishment, every second dealing to surrounding enemies 95/125/155/185/215/245 points of Magical Damage and also stacks Warden’s Fury, every stack of Warden’s Fury will reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 6% and their attack speed by 5%, enemies will also take 7.5%/10%/12.5%/15%/17.5%/20% more damage from Ring of Punishment, Warden’s Fury can stack a maximum of 10 times. Ring of Punishment will continuously use mana when it is active.

With this ability Hylos actives a small circle around him. While having this circle around him, Hylos will deal magical damage to enemies that are around him. While having this ability active and damaging enemies, you will stack Warden’s Fury. Every Warden Fury that you stack will decrease the enemy movement speed by 6% and attack speed by 5%. Enemies will as well take 7.5% more damage from Ring of Punishment. Warden’s Fury can be stacked up until a maximum of 10 times. The only side effect of this ability is the fact that will keep using mana while is active.

Important Note!!!

Keep in mind that when your mana is finished this ability will start consuming your health points. So make sure you turn this ability off when your not using it.

Ultimate Skill: Glorious Pathway: Cooldown 50 seconds and 150 mana cost.

Creates a pathway that lasts 6s, Hylos will heal 4%/4.5%/5% of maximum health and be immune to slows while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the pathway will have their movement speed increased by 60%/65%/70%, enemies moving away from the pathway will have their movement speed reduced by 70%/75%/80%.

This skill creates a long pathway that lasts 6 seconds. While on being in this path Hylos will increase his and his allies movement speed as well Hylos will regenerate health points. Very useful if you are engaging in the battlefield or if you are chasing an enemy. This ability could be used as well to allow you and your allies to escape. Don’t hesitate to use this skill whenever you are in danger as if the enemy stands in the path they will get a speed decreasing debuff.

This is the reason why Hylos has a high tower diving capacity along with his High HP that can absorb, efficiently, up to 3 turret basic attacks.


Battle Spell:

Healing Spell

As you will build a lot of health point with this build, using your ultimate and this battle spell will regenerate your health points by a lot. This would give you the chance of tanking more damage for your allies.


Having a second crowd control ability would help you in stunning enemies that are trying to escape. The 12 seconds CD of your only CC Skill might not be enough. At max CD, 7.2 seconds for your first skill is still long because you also needs to stun as much heroes as possible not only a single target so Petrify is not a redundant or wasted slot spell for Hylos.


In my opinion, Tank Emblem is the best for Hylos. The only talent I have in mind is the Attack and Defense Talent.

Tenacity do not give much.
Brave Smite cannot be utilized by a Single CC Hero

Let me repeat. It is just my opinion.


What to keep in mind in thinking of the best items to build for Hylos?

Hylos is a Tank that needs a lot of health points and mana as his second ability Ring of Punishment consumes a lot of mana if you don’t pay attention to it.

Thus, your build should focus on Mana and HP

Rapid Boots: At the early game, Hylos is one of the best hero. So better be aggressive but only in early game. Rapid Boots gives you movement speed to be as fast as Assassins and Can slow enemies when dealing or taking damage. This movement debuff that Rapid Boots gives makes it one of the Best Boots in the S12 META.

Clock of Destiny: This item gives Hylos a good amount of health point and mana. The passive of Clock of Destiny adds 30 hp and 5 magical power every 30 seconds. This effect can stack up to a maximum of 10 times. As bonus, once arrived at the maximum of stacks, this item will grant you a 5% increase in magic attack and 300 mana.

This is a Core Item for Hylos!!! So do not omit CoD in your set builds.

Cursed Helmet: A perfect combination with your second ability Ring of Punishment is this item Cursed Helmet. The passive of this item will deal 1.5% of the enemy’s max health point as magic damage every second to nearby enemies. Having this item combined with your second ability will deal greater damage to all enemies around you.

Aside from that, this gives you some Magic Resistance

Dominance Ice: This item will grant you some mana and remember having more mana means that also your health points increases thanks to Hylos’ passive. This passive goes in perfect combination with Hylos’ ultimate as it will slow further the enemies and it will as well decrease their attack speed.

Note that this also gives 10% CD Reduction and if you will build Lightning Truncheon, you will deal a lot damage in late game when your CoD is in Full Stack.

Antique Cuirass: With this item will increase Hylos’ health points and health point regeneration. As well it will reduce the basic attack of the enemy of 6%. This effect can stack up to 3 times. This will help Hylos on becoming harder to kill.

You will prioritize this item next to Dominance Ice as your Armor.

Sky Guardian Helmet: This item will boost your health points by a lot. Increasing Hylos’ health point is the main focus for his survival and for giving the change to use his second ability for a longer time. This item as well gives you a lot of health points regeneration giving you the chance of switching lane and support your teammates without going back to your base.

Immortality - This gives you magic resistance. The passive of this item is also very helpful in super late game.

Set Builds:

1st Set: Tank (Balanced Armor and Magic Resistance)

Rapid Boots
Clock of Destiny
Cursed Helmet
Dominance Ice
Antique Cuirass

2nd Set: Burst with Armor and Magic Res

Rapid Boots
Clock of Destiny
Lightning Truncheon
Dominance Ice
Cursed Helmet
Sky Guardian Helmet

3rd Set: No Mage Teammate (NoD Build)

Rapid Boots
Clock of Destiny
Dominance Ice
Necklace of Durance
Sky Guardian Helmet

~~~Miscellaneous Tips

1. In team fights you are the charger/initiator. You could use your ultimate skill to charge towards the target.

2. Tower Dive using your ultimate skill but do not tower dive a CC Hero or if you are outnumbered. Tower dive a solo hero if you are with a teammate. But if 2v2, do not tower dive.

3. If the enemy will prefer to attack your allies instead of you, use your first ability to stun them.

4. Don’t solo jungle

5. Rotate towards a lane where your team can get a kill and eventually get objectives.

6. Recall only if you have 40% HP or less. Do not recall just because you have low mana.

7. Try to keep close to your enemies as much as possible to utilize your second skill and Dominance Ice.

8. Use bushes to bait and gank enemies.

9. Pay attention when using your second ability because you might end up getting killed by a minion if you are not careful.

~~~Draft Pick Tips

Karrie counters Hylos. Do not pick Hylos if the enemy picks Karrie. Pick Karrie if the enemy picks Hylos.

Hylos counters melee heroes like Natalia and Alucard.

Hylos - The AntiMage Tank A Guide to Make Hylos Popular in S12 By: AdminGanda

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