Hype Train is Coming to an End: Genshin Impact coming in before October for Android/iOS/PC

The hype train is about to end but it's not because it ends badly but because hype will be replaced by experience as Genshin Impact comes closer to our doorstep. miHoYo has done a lot of playtesting and development of this game in this past few months that it was announced, even gave out beta tests to some content creators in YouTube to see what it's all about. Now that everything is almost done, they are planning a release date.

Genshin Impact a.png

However, what we still know right now is just a month. That's right, in their latest blog post, they have said that Genshin Impact will have a release date before October! That means it is only months away before the game is unveiled for the players to enjoy the game.

Genshin Impact b.jpg

It has gained massive rounds of praise from all over the gaming industry. Even those who are not aware of miHoYo's previous works such as Honkai Impact 3, are anticipating the release of Genshin because they have seen some potential in the game and are eager to find out what it entails more.

Genshin Impact c.jpg

Seen as a breathe of fresh air to open world games by excited players while skeptics call it a clone of Breath of the Wild, it still serves no justice to the game as it shows potential to even rival the AAA games of today. Seeing youtube clips of the game really gave evidence on how the developers worked hard to make the game rival the rest in the industry.

However, while others still see it as empty, we have yet to see its full potential so we definitely need to see how it would work when they finally release the game.

Genshin Impact d.jpg

With their other games paving the way to fund Genshin, we have no doubts that it will be released and when it does, expect a lot of people flooding the gates to see what the hype is all about, will they be impressed or will they be disappointed, honestly, we will only know when it happens.

But while the hype train is still ongoing, why not explore and see what the company is capable to do so that you can garner trust and have an open mind when Genshin Impact releases, it will be worth your while. But tell your thoughts regarding Genshin Impact's upcoming release in the comments below!