I developed earnings calculators for top play-to-earn games


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May 16, 2022
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Parker Place
Hey all, I'm a crypto developer and even though I deeply understood how crypto works, I found PTE games to be super confusing and dangerous. Things like incentivized liquidity for founder exits, out-of-control inflation, character max-use limits, and token pre-sales when there's no product/game yet - all of these can be harmful to users.

My latest project has been to break down top crypto play to earn games so that you can visualize what the return-on-investment is if you're spending your hard-earned money to play. You can see:
  • Minimum Investment required
  • Earnings per day
  • Return on investment in days
  • How-to-play guide
  • Optimal strategy


I made the calculators with a knowledgable game researcher and communities. The calculators are updated every 10 min using the latest token and NFT prices. Here's an example of one that we made- Link to Calculator. We've played all these games ourselves to make sure our information is solid.

Thanks for checking it out! Is there something that's missing? Is there a game you'd like to see listed? Please comment below and share.