I GOT BANNED, I'M SO SORRY/ Prince Lauron#4241

Prince Lauron

Newbie Gamer
May 21, 2018
Hi, my name in discord is Prince Lauron#4241

In regarding through my banned status in my current discord account for I'm spamming my content, I'm very sorry for I accidentally click
the non social media group from where I posted my link through content on, I must have think and look what I've been done is wrong.
I apologize for what happen and I will never do it again for also I'm the one of a staff member of Pinoygamer as a video editor, I should really have never done that spamming thing. Hopefully my account will bring back to normal from unbanning me. If their's a consequence that I will not be a staff of Pinoygamer anymore, I'll take that as long as my account for Pinoygamer will not banned anymore and I promise I will post my content in the right place which is the social media forum.

Faraday (Broji)

Jun 9, 2017
The team doesn't want to revoke the ban. It seems that there's still suspicions about your behavior that you'll do it again. In addtion, the team follows your recent activity and it seems you keep spamming even in the correct channel. There's at least 5 posts in a day. Moreover, we banned your recent account because of the rule:

4. Smurfing to bypass mutes/bans on other accounts.

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