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Oct 5, 2019
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If I find games, I will post them on this topic.

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Candy Crush Saga

This game was created for sweet tooths. Are you fond of sweets like this little virtual girl by the name of Candy? If you cannot imagine your life without sugary treats or would love to diversify your free time with a new colorful game, then Candy Crush Saga is exactly what you are looking for! It is a game from the ‘get three in a row’ category. What can developers come up with to expand this simple genre? Well, there are some tricks to make you interested in Candy Crush Saga. That girl, Candy, we mentioned before, will be your guide to various fantastic worlds. Each world has its own distinguishable features and special difficult places. The gameplay is all about moving candy-buttons and making combinations starting from simple ‘three of the same’ to more complex geometry figures and ornaments.

The graphics in Candy Crush Saga can be described as very colorful, ‘juicy,’ and unnatural – it is like you are visiting a puppet theatre. Another great thing about it – it has a storyline, which is very unusual for games of this genre. The developers have created more than 300 missions and adventures for Candy Crush Saga. There are no time limits for completing levels, but there is another twist – you have a limited number of moves to reach your goal, and if you fail to do so, then you will have to start over again. Smart players always think ahead to finish the level using the least number of moves possible as it gives additional bonus points added to the final score.

Each level features unique mission to complete. You must be logical and pragmatic. You must calculate all moves and possibilities to be able to outsmart the game. And don’t forget about various bonuses that will be useful in later stages. All in all, there are 100 levels in several worlds in Candy Crush Saga. The further you go, the harder it gets. At least the hypnotizing soundtrack and wonderful graphics support you throughout the adventure.
Candy Crush Saga is available for free, but some levels in the game are insanely difficult so they might require you buying additional moves. However, it is not necessary because all levels can be completed without investing real money – you just have to think harder than usual to get through. Maybe it will take longer, maybe it will take multiple attempts, but still, you will be glad that you didn’t succumb to the ‘easy win’ button.

So. If anyone else knows about any of the free utilities available, post them. Let's all have tons of games !: P