I was banned from the apex legends discord server.


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Feb 26, 2020
London Endz
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My tag is: Skye#2050, I was banned from the apex legends discord server because of me being insensitive and toxic in chat and making the whole experience of being there bad.

I have been banned for about 3 weeks and I'd like to say I am sorry. I know what I did that made the moderators anc community members grow tired of me. Everytime I lost in a game I would pull out my phone and start shouting in chat. I am sorry for this and I will not do it again if I am unbanned.

I am appealing my ban because I feel like I have changed the way I speak to people online. I've learnt that being hostile online will ultimately lead to nothing and that I should start to be kinder to people, and to keep in mind that everyone who is behind the screen is a person. That person could be at the end of their tether and might even attempt to commit suicide because of me insulting them. I've started to understand that if I want people to positvely interact with me I have to positively interact with them. I am sorry for calling people soft, for making people feel little and generally being toxic online. I hope you can unban me after reading this.

My discord tag is: Skye#2050. I hope I can talk back there in a few days.