I was wondered about this new DinoApp! Mach both of child and adult!

Alice Johnes

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Nov 29, 2016
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««Terrific T-Rex were seen on the White Beach of Boracay!»
«Frightened people are deserting the streets of Manila»
«A Triceratops herd was seen downtown the Tuna capital of GenSan»»
Fortunately you won’t see these headlines in tomorrow’s newspapers or online mass media, but… the truth is that dinosaurs are alive and well in the Philippines. The new GeoGame Project DinoMess offers a magical experience and an opportunity to discover the most frightening and breathtaking creatures, and all this can be seen around the streets of the Philippines' cities and countryside! Don’t be afraid to meet them. Be brave and try to catch them. Experience these creatures up close and extremely personal. If Jurassic Park is on your favorite's list, you just hit the jackpot. Go out and find them all, experience their sheer size and immensity and live your own Jurassic Park. A fantastic journey awaits you. Dinosaurs are on the loose in the Philippines. Download DinoMess App for iOs or Android. https://dinomess.com/