Iam Rahh Bring Their a-game at Netease Games Top Clans 2020 ROS SEA Invitational Knockout Stage

The Top Clans 2020 Rules of Survival SEA Invitational Knockout Stage ended yesterday with multiple Philippine squads securing a spot in the Semifinals, but Vietnam’s IAM RAHH’s dominating performance was the highlight of the day, winning five out of the six rounds.

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For the 15 remaining teams, this is their last chance to book a slot to the next round of the tournament. One last chance to prove their mettle and show their passion for esports and Rules of Survival (ROS). Only eight of these 15 teams will make it out alive.

Vietnam’s IAM RAHH opened up the Knockout Stage with a statement game, eliminating a core member of group-leading ROSDAK in the early stages of the game and out-dueling SAVAGE in the deciding gunfight. FNBY eked out second place by playing it safe and letting other teams duel, before dying outside of the play zone.

Banking on the momentum they got from the first round, IAM RAHH continued to dominate the Knockout Stage in the following round, getting a total of 18 kills led by HoàKon with 9 kills for himself. Team AE from the Philippines had a chance to steal a win but HoàKon’s composure allowed him to secure back-to-back victories for the Vietnamese squad. IAM RAHH’s aggression and willingness to look for skirmishes definitely paid off for them in the Knockout Stage.


ROSDAK, who started the Knockout Stage with a huge lead over the rest of the remaining teams, has watched IAM RAHH slowly overtake them in the standings. The Vietnamese squad looked so different from the team that showed up in the group stage, and it seems they’re just getting started. IAM RAHH once again topped the match in Round 3 off the back of Zeref and xPop’s total of 8 kills. ROSDAK’s MJ went up against xPop and Zeref in the dying seconds of the game, but was unable to win the duel and help his squad keep the number one spot.

IAM RAHH’s warpath continued in the fourth round, relentlessly looking for gunfights all over the map and eliminating squad after squad. Facing four other Filipino teams in the late game, the Vietnam-based team relied on better positioning in the high ground to stave off challengers and secure their fourth straight win with 16 kills in the bag.


It seems I'M RAAH's overaggression finally caught up to them, losing a gunfight against Indonesia’s BTW and getting eliminated early in the fifth round. BTW managed to make it to the top four squads, but got eliminated by WildCrabs from Philippines. WildCrabs turned their focus on SAVAGE before letting CVILE STL die outside of the play zone for their first win of the day.

The 6th and final round of the Knockout Stage was a classic showdown between IAM RAHH and SAVAGE, and based on the results, it was clear that the Vietnamese squad was just better that day. IAM RAHH secured their 5th win out of six rounds and a firm hold of the number one spot in the standings.

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The top eight teams in the standings will move on to the Semifinal round. IAM RAHH certainly dominated the Knockout Stage and established themselves as the dark horse of the tournament in the next round. Team Æ who started the day outside of the top eight, were able to consistently make it to the final five teams each round via their safe and conservative playstyle, and earning themselves a spot in the Semifinals.


The Semifinals of the Top Clans 2020 Rules of Survival SEA Invitational will happen on October 20, 2020. Continue supporting your favorite clans at the biggest esports tournament this year in Southeast Asia live on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The stream is also available in Thai language on Top Clans Thailand and Malay on Ancient Galaxy Esports. You can also follow news and updates about Top Clans 2020 on tiktok.com/@topclansesports and tiktok.com/@topclansesportsth (Thai).

Awesome in-game items like the AWM-Geisha Pack and Shadowfax are also given away on stream. all you have to do is watch and share the livestream. Mystery codes also pop up when players achieve special actions in each game.

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