Icarus M: Riders of Icarus - Beta Character Creation Opened Before The Official Launch

It feels like the golden age of mobile gaming right now. Different mobile games are being released left and right especially in the RPG genre. Well, here's another game that has a unique pre-registration offer - Icarus M: Riders of Icarus.

The game's final beta is about to end and the pre-registration has already begun before the grand launch on September 15 comes. But, their gimmick is kind of surprising as it lets you download the beta and become a tester wherein you can pre-register with your name reservation and character creation.

Riders of Icarus a.jpg
Before you all jump into the pre-registration, let me remind you of when will the name reservation and character creation will begin. According to their description, the exact date and time when will the server open for beta character creation is on September 8, 0:00 PST.

But, wait, it's September 9 here already Mr. Tribore!

This is usually the issue in date and time for game releases. I was almost fooled too. Then I remembered, there's another PST aside from Philippine Standard Time. Some may probably know it, but for everyone's information, right at this very moment, we're an hour or less from reaching September 8 in Pacific Standard Time.

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So, we only have to wait for one more hour before the server open for character creation. But, that's not all. Pre-registration rewards await you in the official launch on September 15th. And good news, players! Icarus M just reached the 200,000 pre-registration which surely unlocked the final reward for 100,00 registration - Limited Edition Familiar Lollipop Devy! Just make sure that you've pre-registered in their official site provided below.

Riders of Icarus c.jpg

Aside from the final reward, the pre-registration mileage reward includes 100,000 Gold, 25000 Red Ellum, 10 pc of each Enchantment Stone, and a Rare Grade Equipment Box. These will surely help you in your early in-game adventures. Wait, you want more? Don't worry! Aside from pre-registering on their site, make sure that you pre-registered on Google Play Store or App Store too to get extra rewards!

Riders of Icarus d.png

You'll be given an additional 50,000 gold bonus and more just by pre-registering on either Google Play Store or App Store. You can pre-register as many accounts that you want. Just remember that only one entry is allowed per e-mail address.

Riders of Icarus e.png

And finally, if you're not content with just pre-registering your account, why not create your character already and reserve your in-game name? Just simply click the claim character name button and you'll be redirected to the beta version of the game where you can participate as a beta tester and download the app. Once installed, search for the Pacific Standard Time and make sure that it's past 0:00 of September 28th.

Riders of Icarus f.png

As for the characters, there are 5 different classes introduced - Gladiator, Artist, Wizard, Assassin, and Ranger. But I think those 5 are enough to create a diverse meta within the game. So far, they look good and promising just like the world views they showcased in their site. And, oh, just to give you a sneak peek of what it initially looks like from the title screen, I've included a screenshot of it.

Riders of Icarus g.jpg

Icarus M is the mobile version of the underrated MMO, Riders of Icarus, which is also published by Valofe. Made from Unreal Engine 4 and equipped with the nostalgic hardcore MMO experience from its predecessor, including its own unique riding/flying mechanics, this game might be a good one. Based on its debut in Korea, it's like Dragon Nest with different graphics and gameplay mechanics. But the vibe from both games is the same.

Riders of Icarus h.jpg

You're looking for the links already, aren't you? Here's the Official Icarus M Site where you'll find all the other links and information that you'll need. And if you do really want to create your character now, immediately check your Google Play Store or App Store once you've joined the beta test. They'll provide the links directly to the beta app where you can download it.

What are you waiting for? Pre-register now to get all the rewards before the official launch begins on September 15th!

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