Iconic Horror Character Sadako opens her own official YouTube Channel

Kadokawa opened a YouTube channel for the main antagonist, Sadako Yamamura, of the horror movie franchise, Ringu, as part of the promotional campaign for their upcoming movie, Sadako DX, which will premiere in Japanese theaters in Fall 2022. The first vlog of the channel showed Sadako giving a house tour. She also revealed future content for the channel, which are video game commentary and cooking food.


The channel is titled as “Sadako’s Well Living”, which features the popular horror character in a more casual setting. To commemorate the opening of the channel, Sadako introduced herself and stated that she would be showing her “teenage girl” side. Sadako then crawled out of the TV set to give a house tour. You can also see in the background of her house the iconic well from the movie Ringu.

Sadako also further stated that she plans to show more of herself doing multiple things sometime in the future. This includes playing video games, cooking food, singing, morning routines, and Q&A segments. For the video game content, Sadako will reportedly play the upcoming collaboration Dead By Daylight Ringu.