Identity V Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with New Characters, Events, and New Costumes

NetEase Games' popular asymmetrical competition mobile game, Identity V, celebrates its 2nd anniversary today. All new characters, a major themed event "The Golden Rose Theatre Incident - Atropos' Ropes", and a "Golden Rose" themed season essence will join players in the anniversary celebration. A rising star in the biology field is coming to the Oletus Manor—will that give hope to the Survivors? What will be uncovered from the mysterious incident at the Golden Rose Theatre? Which of the characters in the manor will put on new costumes? It's time to find out!

New character - Entomologist joins the Oletus Manor

Due to her remarkable talent and mysterious appearance, the Entomologist, Melly Plinius, is often at the center of discussion in the biology field. From a servant of a manor to a rising star in the biology field, her multiple identities have given her a legendary life. At the same time, her unique insights into insect research have also made talents widely known. Yet her appearance is even more curious as she always covers her face with an exaggerated gauze hat. In fact, no one has actually seen her face before. Is Melly hideous or gorgeous? Perhaps she's the only one who knows.

As a new Survivor in the Oletus Manor, the Entomologist's abilities are strong. With her external trait [Insects Research], she carries a net that can assemble a swarm of insects to interfere with and reduce Hunters' movement speed. Another external trait [Mixed Reagent] helps her teammates by increasing their vaulting speed. Yet her potential trait [Exotic Odor] leads to her location being shown for 5 more seconds upon leaving a Hunter's line of sight. As an assist type of Survivor, the Entomologist will utilize her charm as an elite biologist to help her team escape!

New event - 2nd anniversary major theme event

Apart from the new Survivor, Identity V is launching a major theme event "Atropos' Ropes" to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. With the suspenseful Golden Rose Theatre Incident, the annual story collection filled with surprises, and all characters available to use for free, players are in for a treat during the anniversary celebrations!

The major theme event "Atropos' Ropes" is independent of the main story. In this event, players will be immersed in the Golden Rose Theatre. While striving to move forward amidst the fog, players will have to collect clues to uncover the truth. The 14 characters in the game will get on the stage of the Golden Rose Theatre to create a brand-new story with the Bloody Queen - Mary as the center.

From July 2 to July 31, players will begin their investigation at the theater. The hidden secret of the mysterious theater will gradually be uncovered as players explore. Players will obtain clues for signing in each day and completing battle quests. Players will also get to experience the story, collect clues about the incident, and figure out different characters' relationships to complete the Detective Notes and find out what actually happened. On top of these, players will obtain A costume unlock cards, game currencies, event costumes for the Photographer and the Barmaid, event pendant, and other amazing rewards.

From July 2 to July 23, all characters will be free-to-use for a limited time. Is there any character that you've been wanting to try? Don't miss this chance to give it a go!

New costume - Golden Rose themed costumes are coming

As the event progresses, the mystery about the Golden Rose Theater will gradually be unveiled. Apart from the themed costumes for the Photographer and the Barmaid, other costumes in the event will be available eventually. During the event, players can also try on themed costumes and accessories.

Watch out for plenty of new content, an abundance of event rewards as well as popular characters and costumes as Identity V celebrates its 2nd anniversary!

About Identity V

Identity V is NetEase Games' first asymmetrical battle arena mobile game. The preposterous gothic designs, suspenseful plots, and exciting 1v4 battle gameplay will all bring players a brand-new game experience. Players will take on the role of Detective Orpheus, who will enter the infamous manor to investigate a missing person's case upon receiving a mysterious letter of commission. During the investigation, players will review the facts of the case by deduction in the role of Orpheus. During the case review, players can choose to play as Hunters or Survivors and engage in exciting battles. In the process of the investigation, players will uncover increasingly unbelievable realities as they get closer and closer to the truth.

GUANGZHOU, China - July 2, 2020

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