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    I've been playing Identity V for days now and I noticed something, the game has some lag issues from ping spikes to micro stutters. In this thread ill talk about possible solutions on how to fix Identity V lag and high ping problems.

    For more Identity V information you can check this post or visit the patch notes


    Take note that there are factors attributing to the lag problems and you must know which is it before moving forward, it may be about hardware or network problems.

    Network Problems and Fixes
    First for it to fall on internet or ping problems you must at least have one of this symptoms
    • While playing identity v you will notice rubber banding, what this means is whenever you move forward after a few seconds you are reverted back to your original position
    • Survivor or Hunters are teleporting
    • Progress are suddenly undone
    If you have any of these problems the culprit is the Network, but do not there are two causes of this name the following

    Server Problems
    • This is where the game is hosted
    • if the server is far from your country for example if you are playing in the Philippines then the server is connected in EU or US you will notice lag problems
    • This will cause high ping and rubber banding
    Server Fixes using regions
    • Make sure you are connected to your designated region
    • do not download apk that shows the different region ex. you will notice global, sea, or eu on apk you download
    • we suggest downloading the appstore version
    Server Fix using VPN
    • Use VPN or proxy servers this will tunnel your game for better connectivity
    • note, if you are in Asia server, do not use western data servers this will not fix the issue
    • as much as possible select Singapore, Hongkong, or Japan for SEA players
    ISP or Internet Service Provider like Globe, Smart, and PLDT
    • The Philippines has one of the worst ISP like Globe and PLDT, they fake their speed test results
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection this can be checked on the modem you will a red dot which means the internet is bad

    Detecting Bad ISP
    • First check if you are being data capped, you can detect with this simple maths.
    • If you are paying for 3mbps an ISP will throttle you below 1mbps meaning download speed will be below 100kbps
    • Download and open speed test
    • do not run immediately instead select a region outside the Philippines or your region, for example, select Singapore or Hongkong as this is where servers are usually hosted
    • Based on the results you will know your ISP is lying to you
    • Call them and rant away
    Internet fix for WiFi
    • There are two types of frequencies for the wifi 2.5 and 5ghz, there is a big difference
    • If you are in an open house with thin walls connect to 5ghz this will have higher bandwidth however for houses with walls 5ghz will have significant drop so connect to 2.5ghz version
    • Enable QAS on the modem, why? this will maintain quality data stream however if the ISP is disconnecting or fluctuating this option will make it worst
    • Restart modem, don't reset just soft restart sometimes the wifi modem is overloaded of crap from all the users in the house
    • Finally, make sure no one is downloading or streaming as this take a huge amount of bandwidth

    the game has system requirement for a reason and usually, RAM is the issue however you won't know that hardware might be the problem so here are ways to detect them
    • Slow loading meaning when loading Identity V it loads very slow
    • Assets fail to load or the draw distance is smaller, meaning is the farther the item the more its not detailed
    • Game crashes, this is common since the game cannot compute for the next process it will just crash
    • Stuttering which is caused from high CPU usage
    • Phone overheating which is again caused from high CPU and GPU usage
    If you have any of this symptoms it means you have a hardware problem

    Some hardware fixes
    • Make sure you don't have any background apps running this also includes recently opened apps as they will consume resources
    • Remove apps that are bloatware
    • Clean app storage for unnecessary files
    • Disable phone vibrate
    • Always make sure apps are updated
    • Download official version of apps as some might have viruses
    • Turn Bluetooth off
    • never install battery optimizer apps as this are fake
    • Don't use animated wallpapers
    This are just some of the fixes im using feel free to troubleshoot it further so Identity V may run smoother.

    If you have any question don't hesitate to comment below
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    Identity V Hunter No Lag Gameplay

    Identity V Trailer

    Key Features

    Intensive 1vs4 Asymmetrical Combats:
    • Four Survivors: run from the ruthless hunter, cooperate with teammates, decode cipher machines, open the gate and escape;
    • One Hunter: familiar yourself with all of your killing powers. Be ready to catch and torture your preys.
    Gothic Visual Style:
    • Travel back to the Victorian era and have a taste of its unique style.
    Compelling Background Settings:
    • You will first enter the game as a detective, who receives a mysterious letter inviting him to investigate an abandoned manor and search for a missing girl. And as you get closer and closer to the truth, you find something horrifying...
    Randomized Map Adjustments:
    • Within every new game, map would be altered accordingly. You will never know what’s to expect.
    Select & Play Distinct Characters:
    • Multiple characters to choose from, customized characters to fit your own personal strategy and get the final victory!
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  3. ramleague

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    For those who can't Tap the enter game.
    Reminder: If 1 is not working use 2 if 2 not working use method 3
    1. Go Settings. Or for other devices your using search the App manager and search for Identity V then Clear cache.
    2. If you have an Cleaner Application like Clean Master. Use it to clean your Junk files.
    3. Do number 1 or 2 then Turn off your device then wait for 10 sec and Then turn it on and try play.
    It's what I do when it's happen. It's just my Theory It's no approved
    Therapithic claims I hope it will help you.
    Sorry for my grammar. I'm not good in English. I hope I explained it well to you guys.
    I just notice that so many complains about it.
  4. ramleague

    ramleague Elite Gamer

    sa mga nakakaranas ng high ping o lag, ito tips ko para bumaba

    off nyu data tapos airplane mode, tapos pag no signal na, off nyu airplane mode tapos on data, re open game, dapat swipe out nyu si identityV sa recent app

    pagmataas parin ulit ulitin lang po hanggang bumaba

    ganyan kasi ginagawa ko, pag nasa 500-900 ping, baba sya ng 190-250 ping

    sana makatulong

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