Identity V New Mode Idea


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May 11, 2015
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Here's my idea for new mode
My idea is inspired on coraline (movie) hehe

I would like to call this "Eye of the Kids mode"

This mode need 6 players:
Where there are 4 survivors which later become guide (the guide is exclusive for this mode), 1 hunter and 2 Traitors (traitor is only exclusive on this mode)

The survivors goal is to find the 3 eyes of the children. If the survivors find 1 eye of the kid a portal will appear, means 3 eyes = 3 portals (only 1 survivor can escape per portal, then the survivor that escaped from the portal will become the "Guide") if there is 1 last survivor left a hidden door will emerge (you need to use the truth stone to find the hidden door) no need to worry the Guide can also help you find the hidden door. (BEWARE the guide cant pick up items so think before escaping on the portal)

The guide is the survivor that escaped from the portal they're main role is to help the survivor. The guide's avatar is a black cat they can eat the trumping mice created by traitor and mark the traitor or slow the hunter for 5s (similar to scouter but the movespeed is similar to the hunter). The guide can be killed by hunter in one hit so beware. They can sense the hidden door (like the tinnitus persona of the hunter) and the only thing they can say is MEOWWW.

Similar to survivor moves but the traitor main objective is to help the hunter to prevent survivors from escaping. The traitors can see each other and the hunter in 15m. They can repair the rocket chairs for hunter (can only be used once) and can set up 2 trumping mice. The mice alert the hunter and the survivor that alerted it can be seen for 10s. (BEWARE the hunter doesnt know if you're a survivor or traitor, means the hunter can kill you).


The're will be exclusive item only for this mode:
• Lucky Stones- Scattered around the map and is needed to make Truth stone. (like the parts of the clown hunter)
• Truth stone- To make truth stone you need to collect 6 lucky stones. Truth stone can help you find the traitors, the eyes and the hidden door. (when used the place will become black and white and if theres an eye of the kid it will glow yellow just pick it while using the truth stone, if theres a traitor the survivor color is red rather than white, if theres a hidden door the hidden door color is blue)
• Paint ball- if throw on survivor or traitor the hunter will see that person for 20s.

•For survivors: Find the 3 eyes of the kids

•For hunter/traitor: catch all of the survivors or atleast only 1 survivor escaped the manor

•Draw: if 2 survivor escaped the map