Identity V Patch Notes Aug 16, 2018


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Jul 20, 2018
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Dear Detectives, Identity V has finished this week’s server maintenance starting from 8:00 am (UTC+8) Aug 16th and the game servers are up and running again.

Maintenance content for this week:
  • Character: Survivor - The Priestess is available in the in-game store. Clues or echoes can be used to purchase this survivor. The Priestess will be made available in ranked matches after purchase.
  • Event: The Battle event is available from 9:00, Aug 16th – 23:59, Aug 19th (server time). During the event, participate in matches daily to win event medals. Event medals can be exchanged for couple portraits and event exclusive graffiti. The exchange ends at 23:59 August 21st, 2018 (server time);
  • Battle: Added a feature for the Priestess that allows players to preview the placement of Holy Keys to clearly see where portals will appear;
  • Graphics: Modified the display of emotes and special effects for the Priestess character;
  • Treasure: The season 1 Essence 5 will be available after the maintenance on Aug 23rd;
  • Network: Concerning the excessive ping in certain regions, we are trying to improve the network connections in cooperation with suppliers and we will employ new exclusive network circuits.
Bug Fixes:
  • Chat: Corrected an error in chat where displayed character limits are inconsistent with actual limits;
  • Battles: Repaired a bug where the Tinnitus of the hunter would be wrongly triggered when a survivor is eliminated;
  • Matching: Corrected an error where the estimated matching time is inaccurate.
Special Notice:
The game will be updated at 8:00 August 23rd, 2018 (UTC+8). Here is a preview of the content to be updated:
  • Treasure: The season 1 Essence 5 is available;
  • Map: New map available: Lakeside Village;
  • Settings: More quick messages added; more battle function settings; button position options for the stare (Geisha) button increased;
  • Gift: Added the Gift function in the in-game store;
  • Free for a limited time: Added new characters that are free for a limited time.