Identity V Patch Notes July 11, 2018


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Jul 20, 2018
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Dear Detectives, Identity V has finished the server maintenance starting from 8:00 am (UTC+8) July 11th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Maintenance content for this week:
  1. At 12:00 (UTC+8) July 11th players can log in on all platforms.
  2. New survivor available, the Forward. Use clues or echoes to purchase. During the first week of availability, the Foward can only be used in matched and custom games.
  3. Hermes' shoes, a limited look for the Forward and an accessory exclusive to the Forward, the Golden-Winged Ball is available from the store for a limited period. A Forward Pack containing new items is also available and includes the Forward; limited edition look, Hermes' Shoes; accessory, Golden-Winged Ball. Save big with packs! Packs, looks, and accessories are available for a limited time from July 7th 12:00 - July 24th 23:59:59 (server time).
  4. The login event where players need to log in a total of seven days has begun and is running from July 11 00:00 to July 25th 23:59:59 (server time). Accumulate logins and claim amazing prizes, such as clues, inspirations and possibly the limited edition pet, Eternal Company when you accumulate seven logins!
  5. Adjusted the sale list in the shop and prioritized the listing of recommended items.
  6. Bug Fixes
    • Text overflow issues have been resolved;
    • Issues concerning the erroneous display of the share event banner in traditional Chinese has been resolved;
    • Issues concerning the disparity between abilities and their description have been resolved;
    • Resolved the issue concerning the erroneous display of character limitations in the chat box.
    • Resolved the issue where players are not removed from the matching queue upon the cessation of a ranked match.
The Identity V Development and Community Team