Identity V Top 10 Survivor Tips

Here are top 10 guides to make you a better survivor in the new survival game Identity V.

Learn The Survivors
In Identity V there are actually classes for each of the characters and each of them has a purpose. Below are the breakdown of this survivors
  • Decoding - this are survivors who can decipher puzzles faster, however, have slow speed so they can't get away fast from hunters
  • Rescuing - they specialize on rescuing survivors caught by the hunter, we recommend the coordinator as she can stun the hunter giving her time to rescue her teammates.
  • Kiting - this are survivors who specialize on getting the attention of the hunter and the main task is to lure the hunter away from a decipher type
So in short Identity, V is a team based survival game and each survivor has a role.

Get a good team
Now that we mention that Identity V is a team based game the next step is to have a good team. Play with players who are good at their classes and not just getting random survivors, this will vastly increase your survivability.

The game has sound cues to aid you on whats happening on the game so sometimes you just need to listen. Here are the different type of sound cues and what they mean:
  • Bell Sound - this means a survivor gets hit, what you need to do now is stop and look around as this will display the location of the Hunter for a short time
  • Heartbeat - The closer the Hunter is to you the loader the heartbeat will be, use it as an aid to out phase your pursuer.
  • Game music - along with the heartbeat the game music will change if you are getting pursued
  • Alarm - whenever you decipher all ciphers an alarm will start, whenever you hear this you will be able to see the exit gates in 2 seconds. So make sure to look around then proceed to the exit gates.

For kiting class the best way to get the attention of the hunter is deliberately failing a decipher. A sound will be heard by the hunter whenever you try to decode or drop some equipment.

Know the Map
At the moment there are 3 maps this will be a big advantage when you know your environment as this improves winning chances. Memorizing locations of ciphers in each map will be advantageous especially if you are decoder. Below are the is a map floor plan overview:

Identity V floor plan for Sacred Heart Hospital

Identity V floor plan for Arms Factory Plan

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Learn the Hunters
Similar to survivors hunters have different abilities, our recommendation is to play all hunters to have a better understanding of their mechanics or at least read up the ability page.

This is especially good if your class is a kiter as this will improve overall team survivability.

The right talents
We could emphasize this enough each survivor have different skills and classes so learn what works for them the most. Here are examples:
  • Broken Wings for kiters
  • Tide Hunter for rescuers

The game is set in a dark eery environment so if you use flash skins you will stand out from the rest making you an easy target. However, if you are a kiter this will work in your favor as you want to get the Hunters attention as much as possible.

You will have a higher chance of surviving or escaping the Hunter if you have full health, so whenever there is an opportunity we suggest the heal your self. You can get healed by the following:
  • Mechanic Robot
  • Emily
  • Syringe
  • Robot in item boxes
Note: it's advisable to always check stashes as there might be items to aid you.

Ties are better than a loss
In Identity V a tie as better rather than losing the game as the concept of the game is surviving. Don't do rash moves by saving someone who is out of reach instead survive! and wait for the propper opportunity.

Bonus: Enjoy the game

Its a game don't be salty the more you enjoy the game the more you will play it giving you more experience in the end.

Check out our Hunter gameplay below

If you have more tips comment them below!