Identity V x Danganronpa Crossover Event Is Here, The Desire to Keep Moving Forward

Guild of Guardians
NetEase Games' first asymmetrical horror mobile game, Identity V, has announced the launching of a crossover event with the renowned murder mystery adventure game, Danganronpa

NetEase Games' first asymmetrical horror mobile game, Identity V, has announced the launching of a crossover event with the renowned murder mystery adventure game, Danganronpa. In an intertwined dimension, everyone's all-time favorite characters from Hope's Peak High School will be descended upon Oletus Manor. Despite the mist of unnerving mystery, they continue ahead with unyielding hope.

Highlights of the Identity V and Danganronpa crossover includes:

S Costume: Bonbon - Monokuma

The self-proclaimed headmaster of Hope's Peak High School which encourages students to kill each other. It's a demon just like the Hunters, hiding behind an adorable teddy bear facade. Will the Manor drown in despair once again as the Hunter Guard 26, Bonbon, puts on the Monokuma costume?

A Costume: Demi Bourbon - Enoshima Junko

Enoshima Junko is the "Ultimate Fashionista". Junko looks like a popular supermodel, leading the fashion trend of high school students, but in fact despair is the only will for her to survive. What kind of desperate incident will be happened in the manor?

A Costume: Lucky Guy - Makoto Naegi

Makoto Naegi has the "Ultimate Luck". Despite going through all sorts of despair, he never gives up easily and will remain calm no matter how big the challenge is. Now that Lucky Guy is wearing the Makoto Naegi costume with similar traits. Can he escape from the Hunters and get out of the Manor with his usual luck?

A Costume: Martha Behamfil- Kyoko Kirigiri

The "Ultimate Detective", Kyoko Kirigiri, has a tough but tender heart beneath her arrogant and indifferent appearance. Now that she's become the Survivor "Coordinator" with a golden pistol. She's no doubt the one to rely on. Will she put herself in danger in order to rescue her companions in need?

S Accessory: Bonbon - Mono Mono Machine

In this intertwined dimension, Bonbon has obtained a peculiar power as the headmaster Monokuma. With the esteemed accessory "Mono Mono Machine", Bonbon's bombs are given special explosive effects. Are these dazzling fireworks or impending suffering? Perhaps only the Survivors he targeted will know.

The Rocket Chairs in the Manor have also become Monokuma's spaceships. The intricate dashboard is up and running, but where are they headed? They're heading into desperation, that's for sure.

Don't miss the amazing rewards comes with the crossover

Starting from May 15th, players can register for the crossover version of the game on Identity V 's official website. If the total number of players who registered for the event reaches a gradient amount, players will get as many as 10 Crossover Essences and 1 special portrait!

At the same time, players who log-in the game during the Identity V x Danganronpa Crossover Event between May 28th and June 25th and participate in the "Log in & Share" event will also get amazing in-game rewards.

When Bonbon comes across Monokuma, and Lucky Guy fuses with Makoto Naegi... what kind of suspense story will unfold in Identity V this time? Let's find out together!

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