Identity V × DEATH NOTE Launches Crossover Event

NetEase Games has announced a limited-time crossover version of their “1 vs 4” asymmetrical multiplayer game Identity V with the popular anime DEATH NOTE from May 27th to June 27th. Fight or flee alongside familiar DEATH NOTE characters in the mysterious Eurydice Manor as you match wits with your opponents. Do you think you’re ready to take this game on?

That familiar sense of despair rears its ugly head as an otherworldly battle unfolds within the walls of Eurydice Manor

DEATH NOTE is a hit animated show based on the manga of the same name serialized from 2003 in the top-selling Japanese comic anthology Weekly Shonen JUMP and which sold over 30 million paperback collections in Japan alone. The very first rule of the DEATH NOTE is “Humans whose names are written in the DEATH NOTE will die” and based on this original plot device, a highly acclaimed international hit was born. After coming across the DEATH NOTE, Japanese high schooler Light Yagami uses the notebook to become his enigmatic alter-ego Kira and dispense deadly justice to those he deems as evil. One of the highlights of the series is the battle of wits between Light and his adversary L who sees Kira’s executions as also evil.

For this event, the characters of the animated DEATH NOTE will be helping the various Hunters or Survivors in new take on the game of life or death taking place at Eurydice Manor.

In this special crossover event, each character will be taking on the following roles…

Ryuk, a powerful god of death, hates boredom above all things. In his boredom, he decides to drop his DEATH NOTE into the human world to see what a human would do with such a powerful tool. What mischief can the Evil Reptilian from Identity V get up to as he pursues his prey in the Manor as grim reaper Ryuk?

Light Yagami is a serious-minded honor student who believes strongly in justice but begins using the DEATH NOTE try to create a utopian world free of crime by dispensing harsh and fatal justice against all those he sees as evil. Light becomes The Lawyer from Identity V, and one of the things that makes this game so intriguing is figuring out how he can escape from the Hunters hot on his trail.

Considered to be “the world’s best detective”, L uses his genius to solve the world’s most labyrinthine cases one after another and has the power to control law enforcement organizations all over the world. In the Manor, L becomes the equally genius Prisoner must use various aces up his sleeve to combat the threat of the Hunters.

Teen mag model Misa Amane worships Kira who avenged the deaths of her parents and uses her Death Note to become the Second Kira engaging in clandestine maneuvers in the service of Light Yagami. In Identity V she takes on the role of the Mechanic using her skills to affect events within the Manor.

In addition to the above character costumes, various limited-edition accessories, special actions for each character, manor furniture, graffiti, etc. will be available during this event. Relive the impact from the first time you saw DEATH NOTE with special items reproduced within the game such as Ryuk’s apples, Misa Amane’s notebook, Light Yagami’s pen, L’s handcuffs, and more. Also, special limited-edition pets Gelus and Rem and cross-over accessories such as Misa Amane’s Camera will appear as items available from the game shop. Let’s head to the Manor for more detailed information.

A magnificent mystery-solving event

Even before the official start of this crossover event, several event-related rewards for solving mysteries have already been scattered throughout the game. When a detective character is used to touch a certain apple discovered in the game hall, you can see a flashback regarding an incident related to this crossover event. Once the event begins, players must try to uncover the truth about a mysterious heart attack.

From the start of the collaboration, players are immersed in the collaborative world with special login, multiplayer, and event shop screens, and get to experience this special event as they go through the process of discovering, investigating, and solving mysteries. Players also have a chance to get hold of special items such as limited-edition Essences, SSR furniture, and other crossover items.

Even offline, players can enjoy high-quality videos related to the event on large LED screens across Tokyo and can also see these promotional vids at every Animate location. Also, the “Let’s give an apple to Ryuk!” Event is already underway on the official Identity V Twitter account. In this mini-game, players must capture apples, especially with the ones with bites taken out of them, and if completed, they will receive a gift code for a specified bonus gift.

Relive the excitement of that famous mental clash of wills with death on the line with the Identity V and DEATH NOTE anime crossover starting soon!

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