Identity V X UNDERVERSE Collaboration Series Collectible Figurines Are Available for Pre-order

Creativity as the Body and Art as the Soul—Identity V X UNDERVERSE Collaboration Series 1/6 Collectible Figurines Are Available for Pre-order

NetEase Game's 1V4 asymmetrical competition mobile game, Identity V, launches the Art Museum Project in collaboration with Ashley Wood and his brand UNDERVERSE. The collaboration series comprises of two 1/6 Collectible Figurines with articulated joints—[JOKER] and [GEISHA] are available for pre-order. When creativity meets ingenious design, what kind of artistic makeover will be given to these familiar characters?


When Creativity Marries Horror

Ashley Wood is an internationally renowned toy designer, art director, and comic illustrator. He has participated in the creation of "Hellspawn," and provided the art for "Metal Gear Solid" series, covers for "Silent Hill," and drawn and created many other popular comics. He incorporated his unique aesthetics into the "Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel" series, "HALO 3," and among other notable game projects, and assisted Sony in creating the world's first digital comic. His stunning and original design has won him many honors, including the 2002 Spectrum Gold Award for Advertising, the 2011 Designer Toy Award for Artist of the Year, amongst other prestigious awards.


In 2008, Ashley Wood and ThreeZero, a leader in the urban toy industry, co-created ThreeA, producing collectible figurines that combine original design concepts with extreme attention to details. His new brand, Underverse, is the physical embodiment of Ashley's aesthetic style and design philosophy. Underverse's unique works have been loved and sought after by players and designers alike.


As the first collaborator in the "Identity V: Art Museum Project," Ashley Wood has cleverly integrated his stylized design with the highly recognizable game aesthetics of Identity V. These articulated figurines combine the character's features with his striking and intense style to create unique works of playable and collectable art.


Creative Ideas Imbue Art with Collectability

In this collaboration project, Ashley Wood chose two Hunters, [Smiley Face] and [Geisha], as the foundation and imbued them with his unique artistic style and design aesthetics, creating figurines that emphasize both playability and collectability.


Born with a naturally sad-looking face, the Joker was once the most popular crying clown in his circus. He confesses his love for an animal tamer in his circus, but to no avail—she chose a better-looking clown over him. In the end, tragedy befell, and he was caught in a mysterious fire and now scarred with an eternal "smiley face."

Ashley Wood added a punk element to the image of "Smiley Face." His wide smile disguises his true feelings of malice, rage, and aggression. The metallic prosthetic limb, painted to appear worn and cold, adds to his overall disjointed aesthetics.

The UV male body designed by Ashley Wood is adapted for [JOKER]. The figurine stands at the height of 33cm (approx. 31.7cm without hat) and with 32 articulated joints. The figurine also has a variety of replaceable hands and a LED rocket launcher (with optional small rocket), and comes with various accessories. The figurine is currently available for pre-order at RMB 1,879—a deposit of RMB 779 is required in advance, and the remaining balance (RMB 1,100) is due in the first quarter of 2021.


"Geisha" Michiko was once the best dancer at the Yoshiwara Veranda. Stories had said she resembled a red butterfly flapping its wings when she danced in her red kimono. But unfortunately, the fate of great beauties seems to always be shrouded by misfortune—her fate also led her to a darkened path. She was forced to be separated from her lover, and her resentment turned her into a vengeful spirit. Eventually, her grief and hatred descend her into madness.

During the creation of the "GEISHA" figurine, Ashley Wood utilized the contrast between red and black to create a macabre atmosphere that fits the character-specific aura depicted in Geisha's backstory. Ashley magnified her madness as a resentful spirit by highlighting her expression, giving her a mesmerizing yet sinister smile. The kimono design is not as orthodox and traditional as what is customarily admired in the Eastern standard; instead, it is full of stylistic expression and free flowing with feminine vitality.

With creativity as the vessel, Ashley Wood endowed his creations with the soul of art. These familiar characters have been reborn with a twist of his distinctive charm and strong personal style under his indelible brushwork. Whether you admire Ashley Wood's works, are fascinated by the redesigned characters, or are simply fond of collecting articulated figurines, the Identity V X UNDERVERSE Collaboration Series 1/6 Collectible Figurines is your best choice!

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