Identity V's 2.0 Version Update Will Begin the Brand New Ashes of Memory Story on April 20th

A new era is beginning in the Oletus Manor, as the 2.0 update for Identity V will start the next chapter in the story, with a different protagonist taking the lead.


NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc., is proud to announce that the next era of Identity V will begin on April 20th, as the 2.0 Version update will introduce the Ashes of Memory storyline to the game. This update will launch alongside new visual improvements to the game, extra content, and special log-in bonuses for all players.

Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game set in a twisted gothic world, where a team of 4 Survivors must escape from the clutches of a Hunter. The Survivors must use their unique skills to evade the Hunter and complete objectives in each stage to slip away unharmed. Meanwhile, the Hunter player must track down and slay each Survivor, whittling down their numbers one by one. These matches are the apocryphal events known as the Manor Games, discovered as part of the game’s ongoing storyline as the player uncovers the mysteries of the terrible occurrences that transpired in Oletus Manor.

Identity V 2.0 Features A Brand New Protagonist & Story



The 2.0 Version update will begin Chapter 1 of the Ashes of Memory story which follows a brand-new protagonist, Journalist Alice Deross. Alice will take over the leading character role from Orpheus as players guide her investigation of the Oletus Manor as she uncovers dark secrets about its past. Moreover, all Identity V players will receive Alice as a brand-new Survivor character for free!

Identity V 2.0 Introduces A Brand New UI Interface


Now that Identity V has a new protagonist, the timeline has shifted, with Orpheus’ adventures occurring in a different era from Alice’s journey. The UI in Identity V has been altered to reflect this change, with the dilapidated lobby that players are used to now restored to its former glory. Additionally, the UI of the interactive pages has also been changed, with new iterations of the logic path, notebook, and match entrance for players to enjoy. Some new functions will also be added, including an item backpack and a story review, to help players keep track of all the information and lore presented to them.

Identity V Will Open Up Oletus Manor In New Ways


Now that Oletus Manor resembles its former glory, it’s only fitting for players to see it in a new way. In the 2.0 Version update for Identity V, Oletus Manor will open up for all players, allowing them to browse areas like the banquet hall, study, guest room, and botanical gardens. The revamped Oletus Manor will be more accessible than it has ever been before.

New Luxurious Rewards Will Be Available To All Players!


To coincide with the launch of the 2.0 Version update for Identity V, rewards will be offered to all players across the globe. Those bold enough to experience this new story and face the horrors of the Oletus Manor will be rewarded with 20 Essences, giving everyone a chance to unlock incredible rewards for their game.

Identity V is entering an exciting phase, with a new protagonist learning more about the terrifying Manor Games that occurred in the past, as players see events through Alice’s eyes. There has never been a better time for new and experienced players to jump into the game, so be ready on April 20th, when the gates of Oletus Manor open again and the games begin anew.

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