Identity V's Southeast Asia IVC Finals is Around the Corner Offline Assembly in Thailand! Competing for the Championship!

The third Southeast Asia IVC of Identity V by NetEase Games has embraced its grand opening. As the highest level of the tournament for non-professional clubs in Southeast Asia areas, the champion will secure a straight pass to the Identity V’s Call of the Abyss VI Global Finals!

The Offline Finals of the Southeast Asia IVC 2022 will be held from September 10, 2022, to September 11, 2022, in Bangkok, Thailand. The four clubs that have survived levels of competition will gather at Samyan Mithrown, Bangkok for the throne of the champion!


Assembly of the Strongest Players, and the Winner Will Take It All

The Southeast Asia IVC 2022 consists of four phases, including the Preliminary Stage, Wild Card Stage, Group Stage, and Elimination Stage. The Preliminary Stage is conducted in a single-elimination format, dividing participating clubs into 8 groups. The champion in each group advances to the Group Stage and the second place enters the Wild Card Stage. The Group Stage is participated by 12 clubs, including 8 clubs from the Preliminary Stage and 4 clubs from the Wild Card Stage. In this phase, the 12 clubs are divided into 4 groups of 3 clubs each. The 2 clubs with the most points in each group will advance to the Elimination Stage. The 8 clubs that advanced to this stage compete on a double-elimination basis in a BO3 format. After the first 2 rounds of matches in the Winners Group and the Losers Group, the 4 winning clubs, including BL, Zt, Nr and GH, will set out to the third-round competition for the Winners Group Final and Losers Groups Final in Bangkok, Thailand. The 2 winning clubs will compete on the highest stage of the Southeast Asia IVC Finals for the honor of the champion.


Best Players Will Compete on the Final Battlefield

During this year’s Southeast Asia IVC, many competitive players have teamed up spontaneously to participate in the competition. Among them, there are clubs such as MP, BL and GH, that are popular and have played several times in the Southeast Asia Division, and also recently founded yet powerful clubs, such as SG, WP and Zt. They all have presented us with brilliant operations one game after another.

During the Elimination Stage, the team of Zt aced the game right after the beginning and advanced to the Winners Group easily. Survivor BL_miniblue, whose team also advanced to the Winners Group, contained the Hunter utilizing a great number of window and pallet interactions, winning his team members sufficient time to decode the ciphers. While Hunter Nr_Glast played a 4-elimination and secured victory for his club with the Breaking Wheel’s high proficiency in throwing nail boards, which locked the blockings of the Survivors. Club GH, a traditional team in Southeast Asia, advanced to the next phase by adopting the strategy of containing the Hunter with one Survivor.

In this highly-competitive arena, a series of highlights were presented, bringing us an excellent game-watching experience. As the Offline Finals approach, the 4 qualified clubs, namely BL, Zt, Nr, and GH, are about to assemble at the offline venue in Bangkok. Let’s stay tuned to see which club will win the IVC and obtain a straight pass to the COA VI Global Finals.


Gathering for Offline Finals after Two Years, Unlocking Onsite Benefits and Surprises

The Southeast Asia IVC Finals will be held at Samyan Mothrown, Bangkok, a shopping mall located in the business district centered the Chulalongkorn University. This is a multi-functional complex with high-end residential buildings, office buildings, and business centers. When the time arrives, the 4 elite clubs of the Southeast Asia IVC will attend the feast and present the highest level of competition on the Finals stage in Bangkok.

This is the first offline Final of the Southeast Asia IVC after an absence of two years. In addition to on-site IVC game-watching, meet-and-greet events of professional players will also be held so that the audience will have the chance to meet the players of their favorite clubs in a close distance, and create wonderful memories that belong to the Southeast Asia Division in joint hands.

Professional cosers will be waiting for you at the venue alongside the competition. Come and enjoy the immersive game scene featuring Identity V. In addition, renowned commentators and players will be invited to commentate on the games, bridge the gap between professional tournaments and amateurs, as well as witness spectacular combats together.

On top of that, there will also be gift-giving events at the venue. Those who’ve supported the event on social media will be given a beautiful souvenir, which will for sure enrich your offline game-watching experience!

The most powerful clubs will confront one another for the championship! Who will win the Championship of the Southeast Asia Division and a ticket to the Finals of Identity V’s COA VI?

The Southeast Asia IVC Finals will embrace a grand opening at 3 p.m. on September 10. Please stay tuned for the competitions among the top-level players and witness the birth of the champion of the Southeast Asia IVC!

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