Idle Devils - 3D Idle RPG enters Early Access in worldwide


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Jun 15, 2020
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September 4th, 2020- All9Fun today announced that Idle Devils, the highly anticipated 3D Idle RPG, is now available in Early Access in worldwide on Google Play. Idle Devils promises unique combat, a large selection of heroes to collect, fantastic game modes and a stunning world with high-quality, full 3D graphics to enhance the charms of the characters.

In the world of Idle Devils, Humans, Demons, Elves, and Undead once lived together in harmony on the same continent until the balance was broken. A fallen prince of the human kingdom accepted a contract with the Undead, and evil spirits arose from the hell to cloud the minds of most creatures. In such a critical situation, players are appointed by the King as a new lord with the duty and forge their own fellowships to fight against the darkness.

Combining strategic gameplay elements with idle RPG game features, and phenomenal visuals, ID will be surely exciting and captivating to those players between casual and hardcore. With diverse heroes, character attributes, and amazing skills, players can collect, upgrade, and team up their own best heroes from five different factions and tactically enhance heroes as well as equipped them with various items and gears for even more power and strength to win more battles.

Idle Devils is now open for Early Access! Don’t hesitate, just join us on Google Play. Stay tuned for more information. Follow our Facebook page and Discord now for the latest news on Idle Devils.

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