Idol Dance: Dancing and Rhythm is now available in Google Play Store

In Idol Dance: Dancing and Rhythm, players will take on the role of a rising star, rocking out to the most famous songs from across the world. They'll be able to challenge their opponents to a dance fight or join a dancing troupe with their buddies that will take the globe by storm.


Players will be able to meet new individuals and establish new acquaintances thanks to a rapid search option. They may also collaborate as a pair, unlocking features such as couple performances, gift exchanges, the option to apply couple effects or accessories, and the chance to plan an in-game wedding ceremony.

Idol Dance: Dance and Rhythm is a completely new music game in which players may have a good time at parties, discover their own personal style, fall in love, and become a dancing superstar. It was created by 101XP LIMITED, the creators of popular games such as Avatar Life – love, romance, dating, and style, and Flip! Random Clash – Epic Fantasy TD and The Frog – Casual arcade


Idol Dance: Dancing and Rhythm offers a wide range of customizing choices, with over a hundred accessories and costumes to choose from, allowing players to create their own personal style and become fashion icons.

The worldwide chat allows players to meet people from all around the world and invite their friends.

Traditional arrows and dynamic bubbles will be accessible as well as two straightforward control methods. As a result, players can select the one with which they are most comfortable.


Idol Dance: Dancing and Rhythm is only available in a few regions for Android right now. It will be available on the App Store soon, according to the makers. If interested, Android users who are unable to access the game on Google Play can download the game's APK. However, it's usually preferable to wait until your region's official launch.