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Nov 4, 2018
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First of all, I am not forcing anyone to believe this write-up.
Secondly, for Baphomet’s sake, don’t copy pasta and repost this. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE.

MYTH: By EP 5.0, cap for Ignore Def will become 150%

VERDICT: NAH. Read ahead for more info

Before we continue with the discussion, here are three pointers you should take note.

1) Ignore Def counters Def%
2) Ignore Def that takes effect is capped at 100%, always been.
3) Ignore Def is different with Def Penetration. Pen counters** "damage reduction"%

**In before someone reacts, yea, it also works as damage increase, but don't confuse it with "damage increase" stat, it got its own mechanic on boosting damage -- let's try to discuss this on a separate post soon (hopefully, lol)

Q: What's Def%? Is that a new stat?
- No, it isn't. It's as old as ignore def. It is the stat you can get from gear, enchant,card etc (Sting* for example). It is also the same stat debuffed by Bard & Dancer's ensemble song "Eternal Chaos".

Q: What do you mean it counters Ignore Def?
-Yes, it directly cancels out ignore def. Let's say target got 20 def%, you got 100% ignore def, ignore def that will take effect is 80% only.

Formula for it goes like this;
DefFinal = RealDef* (1+DefPer2 - IgnoreDef)


RealDef is Gear/Card/Buff/Journal def. Def from Vit and Def from Def% not included
DefPer2 is the target's DEF%

IgnoreDef is well, Ignore Def you have.

Here are more situational scenarios:

1. You have 100% ignore def; Enemy has 1k Def and 0 Def%; the result is still 0 def.
2. You have 100% ignore def; Enemy has 1k Def and 10% Def%; Enemy retains 10% of their Def (100)
3. You have 110% ignore def; enemy has 1k Def and 10% Def%; result is 0 def.

Q: Where can I see DEF%?
- Revamped stat window UI shows this already (the one we have now at CN server). Old UI, doesn't (the current UI in SEA). So either manual count it or wait for implementation. Current UI in SEA only shows journal DEF%

You said ignore def is capped at 100%? I'm confused!

- As mentioned earlier, def% cancels ignore def, right?

Let's say target got 50 def%, you'll only need 150% ignore def to fully cancel target's def%. Beyond 150% ignore def is useless now since you already "cancelled out" their def%, extra ignore def% doesn't have value now for the said target.

How do I know if mobs got DEF%?
- This is not explicitly shown, so you really have to dig the data. Most (if not all) Niflheim mobs got 50 DEF% which is always on

Meanwhile, MVPs can go as high as 200 def% via their own buff/state (now you know some MVPs suddenly go tough, not to mention other MVPs also damage reduction buffs)

Abovementioned also applies to Ignore MDEF & MDEF%

Special thanks to IdleHands for always sparing time to check the game codes & answering my inquiries, also for proofreading this write-up. Editor & Titan for additional photos.

Credits to -ecrunale/jessajoy/Ninja Patches of XD