Illusion Connect Review: A New Game with great Potential iOS Android 

It was really a surprise that I got into another gacha game again since I am already bogged down with multiple at the same time that I cannot handle all of them especially with my schedule getting tighter by the moment. I did not realize that I got hooked on another one that has released, and I can say that they are generous in both gacha and ways to play the game. Let's talk about Illusion Connect!


Illusion Connect is a grid-based game where you deploy characters on your side as they attack the enemy team with the goal of taking down the enemy leader. It seems simplistic at first but since you got to factor in a lot of things, it can get very tricky and fun once you get the hang of it. There are some strategies and mechanics that you need to familiar with if you want to min-max. Well, you can just also chill and date your waifus! (Yes, you can!)


There are various characters in the game that has different personalities from tried-and-tested trope characters to unique ones that might pique your interest. With a diverse set, you can easily pick your waifu (or husbando) in the game with ease.


The story revolves around your group as Muscipula, an organization set up to fight against Nightmares which are Dreams that have been corrupted or the desire is too strong that it warps reality into something else which can cause bad repercussions to the world. You, as their leader, will lead this group in order to stop nightmares from attacking but there are also other organizations that can hinder or help you progress.


The story is a mix-up and it depends on your preference. If you do not mind this set-up as we have seen it in various games, then it can be nice. But even if the game has a lot of tropes that can be seen, it can still pull off interesting lines and actions in the game. Besides,, who said that cliches are all bad?

You and the enemy have a grid of 3x3 which you can deploy your units. Each unit has a specific class that defines their roles and specialties in the game. Others can be guards that can directly attack and damage a singular unit with their sheer firepower, while there are spellcasters that cast a spell to damage the whole grid, cast debuffs, and do other things that can turn the battlefield. Since there are various units that you can deploy and try, strategy matters. You also got to remember that since you are limited to 10 units, after deploying them all, you are given buffs and debuffs that you can use to end the game as it means that the battle has taken a long time already.


Do not forget that you also have a leader skill which can affect the battlefield in many ways. If you have a specialized lineup, you can use that lineup to take advantage of your leader skills and win games.

With a PVP and PVE system, pick how you like to proceed with the game and since they have mechanics that both of the party can focus on, there's a lot of things to do so even if you run out of stamina (which can be pretty fast with their auto-complete feature called "Raid"), you still have other things to do that does not concern stamina. You can go to your base and create facilities that help you gather materials such as EXP, Gold and even character lineup slots as long as you fulfill the requirements.


Finally, there are social things you can do with your characters. You can give them gifts which increase their affection. Increasing their affection lets you have the chance to date them and bond with them further. If you successfully become closer to your characters, you can be blessed with additional stats which can be small but can impact a game sometimes.

Ah yes, the gacha. In my opinion, they are pretty generous with 10 rolls guaranteeing an SR or above, it can get enticing to roll. However, some of the best characters can only reach their full potential by limit breaking them but with shards easily gained in some ways, you can get them with ease. After all, you can just ignore PVP if you plan to go casual.


But yeah, I've been blessed with SSRs in this game and the main heroines which are Saya, Nina, and Victoria can reach SSR status with their shards easily attainable in the game.

There are a lot of things to do in the game and with a high production value which can be found in the game, you can expect this one to last long. It has a growing community by the moment so if you need a game with waifus and strategy, you can connect with Illusion Connect!