Illusion Connect SVIP: Worth It? iOS Android 

Microtransactions have not been the best inventions in the past decade, but it sure does work. Name it from PC to Console and Mobile, it has been a bane for gamers for a long time now due to how exploitative the system can be from those who are suffering from addiction or just are in it for the dopamine rush of getting something from either cosmetics, gacha or loot boxes (I like to separate the two). But what if I told you there are some good deals, like from a game that I am currently playing.


Enter Illusion Connect, I currently have an account there blessed with great SSRs and while I am not planning to do anything competitive there, I'd like to have a strong lineup alongside my waifus so I can breeze through the content. But sometimes you cannot speed it through without spending a few bucks in order to have a greater chance of chilling in the game. But like I said in my review, I have purchased the cheap $1 Phoebe pack and she's been doing wonders at my game, I wonder if there's still something that might be cost-effective in the long run. Apparently, there is!


Enter SVIP, it's a $15.5 (750 PHP) microtransaction in the game that allows you to get 10 summon tickets immediately, 5 summon tickets every week, and can let you gain an additional 300 stamina when your stamina bar is full. At first, it might be a droll as 5 summon tickets is not much but imagine paying a one-time fee then receiving 5 summon tickets for free every week? Sounds like a huge win, plus the stamina storing makes you play longer hours due to the extra stamina it has. It can bring you more stuff. It also adds in Anna's Gifts. "Anna Gift's" is a system in which once you finish a chapter in the game, you can claim extra diamonds once you clear it so, it is very amazing to get extra diamonds after getting summon tickets per week.


So if you ask me if they are worth it? Hell yes if you are gonna play for a long time in Illusion Connect. It's one of the friendliest in terms of F2P and being a whale only gives a few incentives. I definitely recommend it for those who wish to have another gacha game that you can either go casual or competitive if you wish to do so. Join the gacha and Illusion Connect discussion now!