IMC Games and HanbitSoft has released the first official artwork of Granado Espada M

Developers of the long running PC MMORPG Granado Espada or Sword of the New World have revealed the first official artwork of the mobile version of the same name.


Officially announced by developer IMC Games back in April 2020, the mobile version of Granado Espada was supposed to be released in the late half of 2020, however as 2021 is nearing its end, it's safe to assume that the development of the game was disrupted when the COVID-19 hit and only now, an update of the game was released.

As seen in the artwork of Granado Espada M, the art itself was made based on the delicate and beautiful graphics of the 17th century medieval European style. Since Granado Espada M is the mobile version of the original PC version of the game, some of the features of the original will be on the mobile version as well such as the multi-character control system which will let players control three different characters at the same time. The recruitment system will be on the mobile version as well which can be used to directly recruit NPC.

granado espada m logo.jpg

Players will be a part of a pioneering family with two members who will set out on a voyage to discover a new continent. As they travel, they can gradually increase their power by recruiting various characters they meet according to the story of the regions they were in.

Developer HanbitSoft said that they want Granado Espada M to differ from existing mobile MMORPG games, they plan to try to differentiate the game from other games of the same genre by succeeding and optimizing the in-systems of Granado Espada to mobile.

An official from HanbitSoft said, "We know that many gamers are interested in Granado Espada M, so we are working hard to meet expectations," he said.

Granado Espada might not be as popular in the western countries, but in Southeast Asia, the game was a total blockbuster that even until now, the game was as popular as ever in South Korea and Japan. The PC online MMORPG Granado Espada even won the 2006 Korea Game Awards Presidential Award and Game Graphics Technology/Creativity Award.

As of now, the game is still in heavy development but we can take this first official artwork release as a good sign that the game is maybe nearing its completion. Let’s just wait for further announcements from the developers. Stay tuned!