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Jul 14, 2018
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New plains of eidolon is out but for some potato laptops and pc have issues running smoothly Here are some tips and adjustments for beginners and alike in improving fps without buying or upgrading for a new pc:

Let’s start with the basics:
  1. Run antivirus - be honest when was the last time you did a manual full scan?
  2. Uninstall unused programs - freeing up space for your pc helps
  3. Disk Defragmenter - regular use every time you add or remove programs on your pc
  4. Disc cleanup - you have probably heard of clearing the cache
  5. Empty recycle bin - believe me, it still takes up some space on your c: drive
  6. Disable Aero theme - settle down for standard theme for performance
  7. Have at least 50gb of free space at c: - if the bar is red on your c: then its bad
  8. Clean your computer - dust and dirt will cause heat build-up on your pc, keep it cool
  9. Disable Rainmeter or Dreamscene - also if you have a windows theme that makes clicking on anything and it makes custom sounds, turn it off
  10. Closing other programs - close any other program like google chrome while playing

Warframe settings (Launcher): top right next to minimize button
  1. Uncheck Dx10 or Dx11 or both - Try one at a time and pick which is best for your pc
  2. Uncheck 64-Bit mode - Just because your pc can run it doesn’t mean it has to
  3. The rest are all checked

Warframe settings (In-game): Esc>Options>Display
  1. Lower Resolution - settle for 1280x720 or lower (if you have to)
  2. Vertical Sync OFF - this is very important, it syncs your game fps to your monitor fps
  3. Color Correction OFF - tired of instagram or movie filters? turn it off
  4. Brightness 100 and Contrast 60 - only do this if you did number 3
  5. Local Reflections OFF - reflections take up processing speed
  6. Character Shadows OFF - dead enemies need no shadows anyway
  7. Max framerate - 144 or 60 is the choice, you have limited processing power
  8. Preset LOW - performance or visuals, your choice (if all else fails)

Advanced: (most are found in windows 7)
  1. msconfig - search on windows, go to startup tab, disable all except antivirus, restart pc
  2. task manager - processes tab, (select background programs like skype or torrent) end task
  3. unparking cores - you have to google and download this one if you are that desperate
  4. Advanced system settings - Computer>single click c:>system properties>advanced system settings>performance>settings>visual effects; uncheck all those you dont need
  5. Advanced system settings - Computer>single click c:>system properties>advanced system settings>performance>settings>advanced>virtual memory>change; i doubled all my custom values; still needs verification

For connection issues:
  1. Use a LAN wire - its the wire that your telephone uses, connect your pc directly to the router using the cable, it will help reduce ping on your matchmaking
  2. Matchmaking ping limit - (In game) Esc>Options>Gameplay, 300 or 200 is fine, any further it will be harder finding squads

That covers it for now, please tell me in case i missed anything. I hope to improve this guide in the future. I thank anyone for taking the time to read this guide.
That will be all,

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