Incoming Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game "Project Xehanort" Announced

Kingdom Hearts, a game made by Square Enix which encompasses various franchises and has been a phenomena ever since it was unveiled. The game is still well-loved by gamers, hardcore and casuals alike. This can be justified as the story, despite being convoluted, is very intriguing for those who wish to delve deep in the lore of the story. You get people that are dedicated to games and celebrities like Pia Wurtzbach being a fan of the game. Which begs the question, after the release of their latest game, Kingdom Hearts III, where will the story go from here? Apparently, in a mobile game.

Earlier this day, Square Enix has announced that they are working on a mobile game which has been nicknamed as "Project Xehanort" and the developers are running a campaign in which fans are allowed to guess what will be the game's official name to further hype this game. It has been told that in this game, we would see the backstory of Xehanort, the central antagonist of the Dark Seeker Saga.

Others even speculate about this game including how Ventus and Xehanort met as said by the game's creator Tetsuya Nomura. However, as the game is still kept under wraps besides from its release. We have to wait and see what else we would know in this game.

While other Kingdom Hearts fans are displeased as this may force the other fans who do not play mobile games, play the game to know the story and learn more about their beloved characters, while others are worried that it may ruin the timeline as they think what Kingdom Hearts Union Cross did, it has been yet to be seen how they would handle this game going forward.

For the dedicated Kingdom Hearts fans reading and are excited to see how it would unfold, the planned release date is in Spring 2020 with the prospected release in Android, iOS and Amazon phones.

So mark your calendars for this brand-new Kingdom Hearts experience!

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