Indie developer Rinexus Games opens pre-registration for Pisonet Simulator

Did you ever imagine or thought of being an internet cafe business owner? Now, you can be just that without spending any money and by using your mobile device only. Through the Pisonet Simulator by Rinexus Games, it will allow you to be an owner of a startup pisonet shop and you’ll have to manage it to success.

pisonet simulator.png


In this game, you become the owner of a Pisonet business. Your objective is to expand and improve it by adding more computers, keeping customers happy, and managing daily tasks like paying bills and handling challenges. Make smart decisions to make your business successful and be at the top!

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Key Features
  • Grow your business: Start small and strategically invest your earnings to upgrade your internet cafe. Buy more computers, improve your internet connection, and create a comfortable space to attract more customers.
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  • Keep customers happy: Customer satisfaction is key! Make sure your computers are running smoothly, the internet connection is fast, and the overall experience is enjoyable for your patrons.
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  • Manage daily tasks: Running a business isn't just about the fun stuff. Pay bills, address any issues that arise, and make smart decisions to keep your Pisonet cafe afloat.
The upcoming Pisonet Simulator is the creation of the one-man indie developer in the Philippines, Rinexus Games. Currently, the game is now available for Android devices on Google Play Store with pre-registration now open.