Indonesian Team protested after Game 4 for In-Game Pauses made by PH Sibol MLBB Squad

After the end of game 4, in which Philippines Sibol squad won, the 31st SEA Games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) event took a while before it finally concluded. This was because of the protest from the Indonesian team.

sibol mlbb vs indo.png

Allegedly, the Philippines Sibol squad often requested for a paused game without notifying the referee in advance. This may have caused distraction to the Indonesian players' focus in the match, which made it easy for the Philippines team to engage.

The manager of the Indonesian National Esports team, Tjahjono Prasetyanto said, “The technical handbook states that five pause requests are given to teams. Second, we have submitted an appeal regarding the pause, whether it was intentional or not.”

Tjahjono added that “this means that if it is intentional, the mood of the players who are playing is disturbed. It should be fair if the pause is about to be revoked, it is informed. On average, they play again. They do things like that.”

The investigation went on for two hours, which delayed the medal ceremony, but due to the lack of evidence to back up their claim, the Indonesian team’s protest was eventually dismissed.

“We protested to the committee, only they said it was not proven. Usually, there is a recording of esports matches. This doesn’t exist at all. So it’s paused for what can’t be known,” stated Tjahjono.

sibol mlbb gold.jpg

The event finally concluded with the Philippines team bringing home the gold medal and the Indonesian team with silver.