Indrasoft's Raziel: Dungeon Arena Might Be Blizzard's Newest Competitor

It wasn't long since we've first seen Blizzard's Diablo Immortal take the top spot on the mobile dungeon crawler genre. But, who would've thought that there's a game being developed that might rival Blizzard's strength and we might see it sooner than expected.

Raziel Dungeon Arena a.jpg

Indrasoft's upcoming Raziel: Dungeon Arena is now on pre-registration in TapTap on both Android and iOS. It got almost everything we loved from the dungeon crawling experience of Torchlight and Diablo games. Well, maybe, except for the satisfying sound of the massive loot "magic system".

Raziel Dungeon Arena b.jpg

We'll see it for ourselves soon enough. Based from the game description, Raizel's gameplay might heavily rely on its hero collection and crafting system rather than dropping epic weapons and armors right away from the non-stop dungeon crawler experience. This might be a real hardcore ARPG after all.

Raziel Dungeon Arena c.jpg

Before we continue, let me clarify some things first. You might be as curious as I am and searched for the game immediately. And now, you encountered two different versions of the game. The image above is the first poster of the game when it first entered a testing phase on Austrailia back in 2017.

The developer of Raizel was still Indrasoft but the publisher responsible for the close testing was Wonder Game after renaming it to Raizel from its previous name, Raze. It also released a pre-registration and even claimed an official release. You can still its remnants from its TapTap page.

So, you might already be wondering why we're getting a new pre-registration for this game? Well, it's a mess. Basically, Tencent came into the picture last 2018, licensed it, and introduced this game to the west (NA Region). Finally, it published Raizel in China. But, the global version of the game will be published by the developer themselves, Indrasoft.

Now, we're on the part where the game is about to enter the global phase. It started to reintroduce itself last year until now with its new cinematic trailers and hero showcase on both their Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

Raziel Dungeon Arena d.jpg

Amazingly, the game still has a lot of fans waiting for its release. And a lot of testers from the previous version gave positive remarks for the game. It has guild and co-op system just like any other RPG out there.

But, what caught my attention was the vast 60+ single player dungeon experience they offer. And, of course, the PVP arena where you can prove your strength to anyone who dares to oppose you.

Raziel Dungeon Arena e.jpg

If that wasn't enough, there are 1000+ weapons and armors and 140 talents that you can unlock. It sure sounds more and more like Diablo. To give you the idea of how it came to this, the lead designer for Diablo 2, Philip Shenk, assisted the development of Raizel.

Enough of those information. You made it all the way here and might already be questioning its release date already. Now, this is slightly a good news. They answered one question from Facebook and said that its release date is on September 22nd. It's not yet confirmed whether that's for the global release so don't get your hopes too high yet.

To wrap it all up, it's a matter of taste and curiosity. Personally, I'll try both games once they're released and weigh my opinions once I've tasted their gameplay. Who knows? Diablo might have another rival besides Torchlight Infinite.

Here's the link to the latest Raizel TapTap pre-registration which is available on both Android and iOS on selected countries. But, for us Android users in the Philippines, rejoice! The pre-registration on Google Play Store has begun and you can check it out in here.

What do you think of this game? Will you give it a try once it's released? Tell us your thoughts below.