Infamous Black Ops II Map Will Soon Arrive to Call of Duty Mobile; More Surprises Awaits in Season 4

It was hinted as early as the first week of March that a new map will soon grace Call of Duty Mobile. Now on their official Twitter account, they already announce that Meltdown, a staple map from the 2012 game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, is coming soon to COD’s mobile version.

Meltdown is a nuclear plant-based map with five main sections that allow the players to test their mettle and strategy for both medium and long-range combat. Other than some of its interesting features like camping spots and choke points, players also need to peel their eyes open to find out the Simpson related Easter Egg inside the map.

More surprises will also arrive this upcoming week on COD as part of their Season 4 update. This includes the fast-paced 2v2 Gunfight mode base from Modern Warfare, new scorestreak called Shock RC that hunt down your enemies and give them a nice electrocution attack and the introduction of another new in-game event called Heavy Shot that will give a chance to acquire the new KN-44 that consider as one of the heaviest assault weapon when it comes to damage output.

COD Mobile also release their very own public test server for selected regions where players can get their first-hand experience of new maps and contents of COD Mobile that will they publish in the near future.