Infected Angel Strikes, Evangelion Test Type-01 Arrives! The First LIFEAFTER x EVANGELION Crossover Coming on October 13!

The Open World Doomsday Survival Game LIFEAFTER, developed and operated by NetEase Games, is announcing that a crossover event with EVANGELION will be launched on October 13.


Infected Angels and Evangelion Test Type-01 appear in the Doomsday World of LifeAfter! Challenge the limited crossover Stage, fight zombies alongside Evangelion Test Type-01 and safeguard the doomsday homeland! With more than 60 crossover items available for a limited time, a player could become one of the Children in EVANGELION character outfit and decorate an Entry Plug style Manor, taking in all the EVANGELION charm in the LifeAfter world! Go to the special website for more details:

Infected Angel Strikes, Evangelion Test Type-01 Arrives! Crossover Limited Stage Open

The crossover features a limited Stage, where Infected Angel appears in the Doomsday World and brings new crisis! Survivors are tasked to go to a mysterious abandoned building in a four-man squad and find power source to recharge the underpowered Evangelion Test Type-01.

After having successfully defeated the Infected Angels and started the two power devices, Survivors will meet up with the fully-charged Evangelion Test Type-01 and fight the final Boss, who has the abilities of several Angels and can generate A.T. Field, which requires Survivors' coordinated effort to neutralize via special weapon. On October 13, fight alongside Evangelion Test Type-01 and safeguard our homeland in the Doomsday World!

Over 60 Crossover Items Available for a Limited Time

From October 13 to 27, EVANGELION crossover items are available for a limited time! Survivors can put on the plugsuits of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Kaworu and Mari. And there are other original character outfits and pet skins created with the EVANGELION theme.

Don’t miss out on the Evangelion Test Type-01 themed furniture for the Manor — table, bed, chair, lamp, decoration, ceiling, floor, door, wallpaper…... Recreate the classic EVANGELION scenes in the Doomsday World with the crossover furniture pieces!

In addition, there will also be weapon, drone, car paint, PenPen style backpack and other limited items totaling over 60 available during the event! They all serve to reproduce the EVANGELION charm in the Doomsday World. Please stay tuned!


LIFEAFTER is an Open World Doomsday Survival Game. In this Doomsday World of virus infection and zombies, players have to, from scratch, scavenge resources, craft tools and weapons, build houses, and fight alongside with other Survivors to fend off incoming zombies and rebuild human civilization.


Neon Genesis Evangelion (original work directed by Hideaki Anno) is an unprecedented sci-fi anime masterpiece.

The anime depicts teenage boys and girls that pilot giant biomachine mecha and battle beings of unknown origin called Angels, exploring in the process the human mind, the relationship between people, even the nature of humanity. It is arguably the most grandiose production in terms of story structure in the history of mankind.

The 26-episode animated TV series was first aired in Japan in 1995, with undying popularity lasting 27 years till today. To meet the need of a new era, the title released 4 animated films in the Rebuild of Evangelion series in 2007, as a gift for anime fans, delivering a new rendition of EVA. The 4 productions — EVANGELION: 1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE, EVANGELION: 2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE, EVANGELION:3.33 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO, EVANGELION: 3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME — have been released and all performed well at the box office. EVA has transcended its existence as an anime, touching audience of all ages — it is a work that can pierce through and capture human hearts and blow them away.

※1Manor: Manor is the home for each player in the Doomsday World, where they can rest, craft weapons and items, socialize and engage in other activities. Players can have a highly-free building experience in their Manor, allowing them to create an exclusive shelter in the Doomsday World with a wide selection of furniture.

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