Infinite Heroes The Background of Idle Brave


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Jul 7, 2019
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In ancient times, the protoss of light came to a world with natural life from the sky to find the pure and powerful original energy. They cultivated the primitive civilization into thier followers and helped develop the world. However, the protoss of dark also found here. In order to fight for the powerful energy, they lured some uncivilized barbarians to join their camp. Finally, a light and dark war broke out to destroy the world!

Countless races and miracles were destroyed in the war disaster. The mainland was disintegrated, the turbulent sea engulfed every inch of land, and finally the dark forces Retreated to another world, and the ethnic group of light protoss fell into a deep sleep. This is the end of the war. Before falling into a deep sleep, the protoss of light launched the final power to make part of disintegrated land engulfed by the sea rise into the air, forming the homeland for the surviving civilizations.

In order to thank the grace of God, human beings named this new land “Noen”, and established an empire on the island advocating justice and glory, and became believers of the holy light. After thousands of years, the deed of ancient protoss were gradually forgotten. Some people abandoned this belief and turned to scientific research. They were regarded as heretics by the Empire and were exiled. Those exiles formed their own camp and established a free country, and started a century long war with empire. The war spreaded and the world was in turmoil. As the most closely connected ethnic group with the origin of the world, the forest guardian foresaw the future of Noan. In order to prevent the recurrence of the disaster thousands of years ago, they ;eft the forest on which they depended for survival and ran among various forces to seek opportunities to change the future.

Meanwhile, the protoss of dark were unwilling to be silent, they found that there was a special place in Noen, the abyss, where there was energy fluctuation similar to that of the dark. The protoss of dark tried to communicate with the inhabitants of the abyss with consciousness, and educated them to become their own informers and weapons, so as to prepare for the return to Noen.

You will play a role as the descendant of an ancient Protoss. The hero recruited by the prophet awakens from the ruins, and also a complete heart of Gaia was found. It will become the core of the sky fortress, and you will become the lord of sky fortress. The dark forces have once again begun to invade Noen. The world is facing a great threat. You must find the sacred artifacts scattered in the miracles everywhere and try to awaken other ethnic group of the light protoss to fight against the return of the dark forces.