Informative Teleportation & Crack/Rift Guide for Ragnarok Online Mobile


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Nov 4, 2018
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The crack/rift (dungeon) would be an important daily quest in RO Mobile. But it seems that the language could be the biggest problem. Some of my guildmates don’t know how to use the teleport NPC and take a long time to run to the map. Lol. So I am going to prepare an informative Teleportation & Crack/Rift Guide.

First, there are several teleport NPCs called Kafra in Prontera. Talk to her, yuo will get service, namely, reserve point, storage, and Teleportation.

Crack Guide
  • Lvl 25- lvl 35 west/Prontera crack (“西裂” in Chinese), Just go to West Prontera.
  • Lvl 35- lvl 45 sea/Byalan crack (“海裂” in Chinese), Just go to Byalan first, and then enter the next map.
  • Lvl 41-lvl50 mountain/Geffen crack (“山裂” in Chinese), Just go to Mt.Mjolnir.Lvl 51-lvl60 sand/ Morroc crack (“沙裂” in Chinese), Just go to Sograt Desert.
  • Lvl 61-lvl68 Payon Crack ("斐裂"in Chinese), Just go to payon forest.
  • LVl 69-lvl80 Orck Crack ("兽裂" in Chinese), Just go to orc village.

If you’re worrying about have no friend to do the crack, you can pay attention to the public channel. Something like “西裂” ,“海裂”,“山裂”,“沙裂” will appear in the screen, just the one is at your level and click the speaker’s icon chose to join in the party “申请入队”. If you’re lucky your application will be accepted, just teleport to the destination. :)

For you convenience, I just post a few words in Chinese so that you can copy and paste in public for a crack team.

For Hunter: 猎人 西裂/海裂/山裂/沙裂/斐裂/兽裂 求组。(Pick one crack that fits your lvl)
For Priest: 牧师 西裂/海裂/山裂/沙裂/斐裂/兽裂 求组。 Note: M4 in Chinese prounciation means priest.
For Knight: 坦克 西裂/海裂/山裂/沙裂/斐裂/兽裂 求组。
For Wizard: 巫师 西裂/海裂/山裂/沙裂/斐裂/兽裂 求组。

If you want to be a team leader, make sure you have soled the dungeon before and then get the party quest from cracks NPC in Prontera.

After lvl 30’s crack, you must have a healer in your team. Before opening the crack, the healer need to buff all the teammates and keep spamming sanctuary. Note: Usually The knight will open the crack, other team members should stay back for AOE skills.