Injustice 2 Microtransaction System Announced PS4 XBox One 

Microtransaction system will be available on Injustice 2 announced by NetherRealms like any other games. Source Crystals will be Injustice 2's currency confirmed by NetherRealm. These are used to buy cosmetic, non-gaming-changing features. Source Crystals can only be used to purchase cosmetic adjustments to your fighters, Premiere character Skins with no gameplay advantage, and various Shaders for character costumes.

In other news, the next Injustice 2 character will be announced next week. Injustice 2's roster already features a lot of famous DC heroes and villains, including Batman, Superman, Catwoman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy.

source via Official Injustice 2 Forum