Injustice 2 Mobile adds Martian Manhunter and celebrates Wonder Woman Day in Recent Update iOS Android 

In the recent Injustice 2 update, we've seen Martian Manhunter's arrival, the celebration of Wonder Woman Day, and the artifact upgrades. It was exciting to see what stylish, or maybe annoying, moves do the fan-favorite Martian have in store for us. There's no reason for any delay so let's dig right into the update.

Injustice 2 Mobile a.jpg

Mortal Kombat Mobile did also receive some love from Warner Brothers recently. But, Injustice 2's update was something special. Martian Manhunter is a very popular character in the DC universe due to his cunning and fast abilities. His skills and stats were revealed and it reflected his strength from the DC universe (maybe not all).

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Let's try to break it down. His fast attacks can apply debuffs at the same time. What's interesting is that his fast attacks can still go faster for every debuff he applies to his opponents. His 2nd passive can increase the debuff duration applied in his opponents. He can also greatly regenerate after getting tagged out.

Since his arrival is the main highlight of the recent update, I linked here the gameplay video from the official Tweeter of Injustice 2 Mobile showcasing J'onn J'onzz capabilities. If you haven't tried him yet, I guess that will also help you analyze his moves before doing so in-game.

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Here's another highlight from the recent update. Wonder Woman Day was celebrated last October 21st as it marked Wonder Woman's first appearance in All-Star Comic #8 in 1941. That was really a long time ago. To celebrate this awesome event, players were able to enter the Mythic Wonder Woman Arena until October 23rd.

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Last but not the least, the upgraded Artifacts. According to the update description, these Artifacts are similar to Gears which you can power up to with a variety of unique Chance effects. That sounds really convenient for our Martian's abilities, right? Awesome.

You can also use Artifact Reforge tokens to re-roll Artifact Chance Effects! You have a chance to get a new Chance. The pun's intended by the way. Well, kidding aside, that will be really helpful if you're trying to match the Artifact with your hero's kit.

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That sums up the recent update including the bug fixes. As always, I'm giving my huge thanks to the Warner Brothers and Injustice 2's team for the media content I've included here. All the photos and videos are under their ownership. Oh, wait, for a long time that it existed, it's your first time seeing it? Or you just haven't tried it yet? I got you and the links are down below.

The game's for free for both Android and iOS with in-game purchases that you can spend your money on. If you enjoyed what you've seen, you can join us in the Injustice 2 discussion. Peace among worlds, heroes!